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Public Relations for Technology Companies

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Describe how technology companies could benefit from using public relations more effectively.

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Function of the public relation is to" establish communication linkages between the organization and its various publics in order to maintain mutually beneficial relationships". ( John, Page5) Hence public relations plays an important role for technology companies to have good relationship with its various publics.
As per The PRSA 1982 National Assembly , "Publics" recognizes the need to understand the attitudes and values of - and to develop effective relationships with - many different stakeholders, such as employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders and other institutions, and with society at large."
Publics include all the parties which are interested in the organization. For technology companies, publics will include the consumer, channel partner, content partner, vendors, employees, investors, government etc. Let's understand the management function of public relations:
As per The PRSA 1982 National Assembly, as a management function, public relations also encompass the following:
- "Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting ...

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This solution discusses the importance of the public relations function for technology companies in 500 words with four online references.

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