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Social Media and Marketing

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Need help discussing the following: For what specific purpose would a marketer use tools such as DIY Dashboard, Tealium, and Vocus. 250 words min. Cite work.

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Marketers want to utilize social media to engage their consumers in public relations. Public relations is very important in social media as companies can utilize technology to interface with their prospective consumers as well as current consumers to develop insight into how well the company is perceived and the products that it sells are perceived by consumers and the ...

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Social media and marketing are discussed.

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The Role of Promotion in Marketing: Compare strategies for Rolex and Timex

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Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Rolex and Timex.

Compare the promotion strategies for the two products and brands. How does each company tailor its promotion to reach its own target market?

(1) Where do these brands advertise? On the Internet? On television? If so, what programs? What magazines?

(2) Review the 4 parts of the promotion mix: advertising, direct sales, sales promotion and publicity. Which components would be most appropriate for each product and why? For example, some brands would not use sales promotion.

(3) How could each company use social media marketing? Or would you advise the company not to get involved in social media?

As always, you will be graded based on
(a) logic and reasoning,
(b) reference to the background material (but avoid quotes and definitions), and
(c) your ability to be analytical and critical rather than merely summarizing what you read.

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