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    Comparison of Google's ecommerce program to Ebay's ecommerce

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    Analyze google's ecommerce program and compare to Ebay's ecommerce program.

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    // This paper is based on e-commerce. The two biggest market players in the e-commerce field will be discussed here. First discussion is about Google followed by E-bay and their method and tools for online business. This is followed by comparison between both the e-commerce companies. //

    Google's E-Commerce:

    Google's e-commerce program offers various online services through its business tools. Now, it has a line of products and service tools. Many of them are in their primary stage and still to be fully utilized to their full potential. Out of these services, some are prepared to focus on a particular community or a target segment, while others are for masses. These various services include providing up-to-date financial data, translating product descriptions into different languages, indemnifying how many users interact with a website? Here are some of the business tools:

    Analytics: This is an online solution, which gives information about the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 674 words with references.