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    Online Businesses not involved in food for ideas

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    Sometimes it helps to look at different industries for ideas when it comes to new ventures, such as Internet marketing.

    Research the Internet for 3 - 4 companies in any industry other than foodstuffs.

    These companies should sell the same product or offer the same service. For example, you may choose 3 - 4 discount retailers, 3 - 4 accounting firms, 3 - 4 online bookstores, and so forth.

    Summarizing your findings and what you would and would not consider for your pastry e-business. You should be able to recognize and identify various e-business marketing strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of each of them.

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    I used Textbooks.com, half.com, bigwords.com and ecoencore.com. These all sell textbooks at discount price.

    All of these sites had a number of things in common. The first is they sold textbooks, books, music and other things that are of interest specifically for college students. Second, they all had social media as part of their advertising or marketing strategy. As social media has grown, many companies have begun to use it as a resource and as a way to investigate companies and their products and missions.

    The most interesting is the ecoencore site. It has a "hook" of being environmentally supportive. The company allows people to donate music, textbooks, regular books and more to the site. They also offer opportunities for ...

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    The online businesses which are not involved in food for ideas.