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Business tasks (airline) and Internet help for new business

Thinking Critically
Discribe ten business task or responsibilities involved in the operation of Sowthwest Airlines Co. or a similar company.

Internet Application
The internet provides a wealth of information provided to help individuals as they launch new businesses. Using an internet search engine, list 5 resources that offer entrepreneurs guidance on their new endeavers. Describe the information or resources offered at each website.

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1. Facilities in the airport lounge and waiting areas and hangers. Ticketing online, phone, and on ground. Customer service. Security for the airline, the airports they serve and the government. Food service for flights and in lounge areas. Maintenance of planes. Buying of parts, uniforms, food, equipment, cleaning services and other needs. Public relations for the company. Marketing and sales for the company. Training employees in areas of customer service, job skills, emergency measures, ...

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First is a list of the business tasks related to the operation of the airline. The second is a list and discussion on the internet sites that help new business startups.