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    Technological change on industries: Adapt and exploit changes

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    Consider an industry facing fundamental technology change (e.g. fixed-point telecommunications and internet protocols, the recorded music industry and digitalization, computer software and open-source, newspapers and the internet, automobiles and alternative fuels). Develop two alternative scenarios for the future evolution of your chosen industry. In relation to one leading player in the industry identify the problems posed by the new technology and develop a strategy for how the company might adapt to and exploit the changes you envisage.

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    Technological change on industries

    Acquiring new technology has been an in thing for both existing and developing industries around the globe. Technological advancement makes it easier for industries to fasten their rate of product manufacturing and enhance better services therefore ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the services that they are involved in. The aviation industry is an example of an industry undergoing a fundamental technology change (Kelly 2010).

    With an aim of coping with overcrowding in an airport, long security lines, cancellations, and several other issues that drive travelers crazy, the airline industry has adopted new technologies to fasten, ensure safety, and entertain the travelers within the airline industry. There are several major technological advancements ensured within an airline industry. The end of good old paper tickets has been seen and the end of boarding pass may also be seen. Consider this scenario of how the bar code technology works; when an individual purchases an airline ticket, his or her cell phone number is registered whereby a bar code is sent to the cell phone via a text message. The airline employees will have the ability of scanning the bar code from the customer's cell ...

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    The technological change on industries are examined. The expert determines how to adapt and exploit changes.