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    Marketing Management Discussion

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    The Adaptation of Services to the Internet

    The way that services are offered to consumers is changing drastically because of the impact of the Internet. How have the following industries had to change to adapt to this technological change?

    - Banking - Go to the US Bank homepage [http://www.usbank.com] and select internet banking from the homepage. Take a look at Citibank [http://www.citibank.com], eMortgages.com [http://www.emortgages.com], and Lending Tree [http://www.lendingtree.com].
    - Healthcare - Visit one of the following prescription drug sites: Lipitor [http://www.lipitor.com], Rogaine [http://www.rogaine.com], or Prozac [http://www.prozac.com]. Try one of these sites: Dentists.com [http://www.dentists.com], Healthline [http://www.healthline.com], or WebMD.com [http://www.webmd.com].
    - Insurance - Log on to Best Quote US [http://www.bestquoteus.com/] and/or Instant Quote [http://www.instantquote.com]. How does this compare to the "old" way of buying insurance? Visit and explore some of the links.
    - Travel - Visit one of the following travel sites: Cheaptickets.com [http://www.cheaptickets.com], Travelocity.com [http://www.travelocity.com], Expedia [http://www.expedia.com]. How have the growth of these online reservation sites affected the travel agencies? What role do Travel agencies now play in the marketplace?

    Pick a service industry and let us know what you find.

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    The healthcare or health service industry have had to change to adapt to the technological impact of the Internet, largely due to the fact that many patients and potential patients have the ability to access the Internet in order to learn a great deal about the health issues or concerns that they may have, as well as the treatment methodologies that are utilized in order to treat their condition. Due to the fact that patients and potential patients are much more well-informed than they ...

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