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Business process patents and e-commerce tax laws

1-The advantages and disadvantages of issuing business process patents have been hotly debated by legal scholars and business people. One compromise proposal advanced by Jeff Bezos, founder of, is to allow the issuance of business patents, but only allow them to be effective for a short time, perhaps two or three year

E-business (product disparagement and nexus)

Please help me answer the following questions in your own words: 1-Define product disparagement. In two or three paragraphs, present an example of product Disparagement 2- Explain the idea of nexus. Why is it an important concept in state and international taxation? In what ways is it similar to jurisdiction?

Professor Rappa's Web site (

I need help to summarize the following subjects in 200-300 words Share your impressions of Professor Rappa's Web site (see below) in terms of what areas you have initially found helpful in learning more about governance, intellectual property and ethical issues in e-business Online Activity Tasks: Governance and Regulation

trust and loyalty in an e-business

The trust and loyalty are such big aspects in any business relationship -- but I think it is essential for an e-business. The larger brand names that we have grown to trust have an advantage when they opt to expand to an e-business, because the trust and loyalty has been branded with them through years of earning their reputati

E marketing advantages of technology-enabled customer; search engine inclusion

Describe the key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline the advantages that technology-enabled customer relationship management has over traditional seller−customer interactions? Describe what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain why an advertiser might use

SEO: Ranking of new websites Google, increasing traffic and ranking

One of the interesting things that factor into getting a site ranked is the age of the site. Typically, Google will not rank any new site for six to twelve months. I believe Yahoo is also about the same time frame. So, keeping the time factor in mind, a start up business would need to realize that their website might take up

Define E-Business: Rules, Trends and Convergence of Data

1. In your own words, discuss the traditional definitions of value. Why do customers want companies they do business with to continuously improve? Check Your Understanding 1. Define e-business and discuss why it is a big deal. 2. List and discuss the 10 rules of e-business. 3. List 15 of the 20 major trends affecting e-b

Professor Rappa's Web Site

Please help to summarize the following subjects: Share your impressions of Professor Rappa's Web site (see below) in terms of what areas you have initially found helpful in learning more about each of the following topics: e-business revenue models, usability, trust, and marketing in e-business Revenue Models http://digital

Scanning process: explain the benefits of the barcode scanning process

The scanning process of products. Years ago, products did not have these scanning codes. The cashier simply rung up each item according to the price. Now, with each item has a barcode, which speaks electronically, accesses, tracks inventory and provides data to the purchasing department information for future inventory purcha

SPAM: Discuss the problem and the cost to companies to deal with SPAM

About two years ago, SPAM had steadily increased on my work email account. It was so bad that our IT group set up a special email account for us to forward all SPAM directly to them. I was forwarding at least 10-20 SPAM emails a day to our IT group. About 6 months later, the SPAM stopped. I can only assume that our IT department

Internet and Saving Travel Costs

Please discuss whether you agree or disagree with the following statement. The internet essentially can save businesses and government money on travel cost. To expound on your initial point, many businesses have curtailed business travel due to the downturn in the economy. Video conferencing is utilized more frequently to br


I'm curious to know how Pet Smart numbers compare to other pet supply companies that advertise on television and radio. I wasn't aware that PetSmart offered this type of on-line service. I have shopped there in times past and the store associate didn't mention this option. On another note, I discovered Shopnbc web-site, which

Business models

At the next highest level, there are e-business models for activities defined by the nature of participants in the primary value relationship, such as business to consumer, or B2C. 1-What other types exist at this level and what are some examples of them in terms of Internet Web sites or other Internet applications that primar

Ebusiness and the video industry (games, movies and gambling)

How much of an influence does eBusiness have in the video industry (games, gambling, movies) in regards to present and future economic growth? Do you think the recent market meltdown on Wall Street and recent identity theft articles signal a slowdown of eBusiness?

Baldridge criteria for e-commerce

Discuss the implications of the Baldrige criteria for e-commerce. What are the specific challenges that e-commerce companies face within each category of the criteria?


Summarize your findings from previous assignments about the company doing business in Israel?4000 words Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, dist case stude 7-1: 'Where Did You Find that Book?'

See the file attached. - Begin working on the "Where Did You Find that Book?" project by reading the Case Study 7-1 in the Pearlson and Saunders text. - Visit and - Compare three book sellers:, Barnes & Noble, and a local bookstore in your city. Evaluate the

Legal ethical and regulatory issues of web site address

Explain why it is important (benefits, advantages, disadvantages) for companies to consider how to handle issues that may come up PRIOR to implementing a web site (i.e. legal, ethical regulatory, security, confidentiality, etc.) Note: Just tell why it's important to consider and plan for it. The other sections will tell which on

Business and Law: True and False

1. T__ F__ Businesses that are organized in the United States are subject to its laws, but not to the laws of other countries in which they do business. 2. T__ F__ In the case of Ashcroft, Attorney General v. The Free Speech Coalition, the United States Supreme Court set aside portions of the Child Pornography Prevention Act

Why is marketing important.....

Why is marketing importance to (see website below) industry? What are the benefits, advantages, disadvantages? 1. Zappos: 2. Macy's: 3. Target: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Case Study Analysis: BMW Moves Beyond Just In Time Production

Case Study Analysis Based on the BMW Moves Beyond Just In Time Production case study. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you: a. Answer questions 13-15 in the "Review and Discussions Questions" section. b. Summarize the case. c. Explain an appropriate measurement for BMW's supply chain performance. d. Describe

Please explain

The solution addresses: 1) Explain the nature of competitiveness according to Porter and his five forces model. Explain each component in detail. 2) What are the major different between US and Multinational operation with regard to their affect on strategic management? 3) Define and explain value chain analysis (VCA). Wh

E-Commerce Questions : B2B and B2C Examples

1. Discuss the advantages of specialized e-tailor, such as Can such a store survive in the physical world? Why or why not? 2. Enter Identify all potential B2B applications and prepare a report about them 3. Visit How does

Customer Retention, Risk Factor, and Customer Satisfaction

200 words - What are the costs associated with low customer retention? 200 words - What are the ethical and risk factors involved in e-commerce? 200 words - Why is customer satisfaction the key driver to achieving organizational goals and objectives?

Impact of the Internet

The impact of the Internet on different aspects of America o How the Internet has changed social activities and created new cultural norms o The Internet's impact on the political process and information transparency o The Dot-com boom and bust, and the economics of the Internet

Marketing Questions: Collaborators, routinized response, social environment

Question 11: Marketing intermediaries and collaborators can often perform marketing functions A Better than producers or consumers can perform them B Which leave producers and consumers more time for production and consumption C At a low cost - because of specialization, economies of scale, or e-commerce D All

Ecommerce and security

Go to an e-commerce site. Browse through some selections and then begin to make a purchase. Note where the site uses encryption and where it does not. Does the site use secure pages when you are entering credit card information or when you are entering your e-mail address or looking at your shopping cart? Pleae give specific det