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Global Business: Modes of entry, cross-cultural factors, country risk analysis

Write a paper in which you complete the following: o Identify and assess at least two modes of entry into the country selected by your Learning Team. Select the most appropriate mode of entry for your product or service. o Synthesize cross-cultural factors relevant to your global endeavor. o Address how these factors af

Summary: How e-business may be used to market Toyota selected product

1. As a team we have to prepare a cover letter and executive summary; my section is (d) d. Discuss how e-business may be used to effectively and efficiently market Toyota/Japan selected product in selected country. In your discussion assess how e-business may be used to promote and distribute your selected product.

Integrating Various Component Groups to Create a Value Chain

How could the various component groups (i.e., logistically integrated supply chain, distribution channels, and customer interaction) be integrated to create a seamless, end-to-end, e-business value chain? What are the anticipated benefits and impact on the external value chain?

Global E-Business Strategy for Citibank

Citibank's e-Business Strategy for Global Corporate Banking Analyze the case study based on the questions given below. 1. How does Citibank differentiate its e-business product offering from that of its competitors? How could Citibank create its own competitive advantages in the market place? 2. Citibank'

Facebook business model - a case study

Assignment 2: Technology - Facebook's Dilemma- Case Study This assignment focuses on the phenomenon of Facebook and its business model. You will need to examine how the privacy issues of the users interplay for and against its growth. Use the material in the textbook, assigned articles and other sources to address the fol

Boiling Frog phonenom

Search the Internet to find the term "boiled frog" phenomenon. What is the "boiled frog" phenomenon? How does it apply to business and, particularly, strategic management? Do some research to find a business example of a situation where this has occurred. What could the business have done to avoid the effects of the phenomenon?

How can Information Technology support sales and marketing processes?

How can Information Technology support sales and marketing processes? Please provide insight as to what type of IT infrastructure or software apps would be best for a designer and manufacturer of dirt bikes who sells to distributors globally. (sales management, customer relations, etc.) There are no retail sales expect for pa

Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) Questions

After more than 10 years of proposals, revisions, and re-revisions, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) at long last voted to adopt the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) on July 29. Like its better known cousin, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), this Act is intended to pro

weighting system to demonstrate choice of proposal for Bob's team

Bob's team has issued its RFP and has received three responses. The team has developed the following evaluation criteria. Price is the most important criterion; the second most important is the extent to which the shopping cart system can be modified; the third most important is the number of features available in the system; fo

Researching medical conditions on the internet

Explain why someone with a serious medical condition might be concerned about researching his or her medical condition online, through medical search engines or pharmaceutical sites. Provide at least 200 words in this solution. No references are required in the solution.

Concrete Variable vs Abstract Construct

Discuss the difference between a concrete variable and an abstract construct. Identify an example of a concrete variable and an example of an abstract construct. Write a survey question that would be answered by your example of a concrete variable.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

1. How should the importance of e-commerce be assessed in creating an entrepreneurial strategy? 2. How is e-commerce an example of innovation?


Discussion 1 Discuss Mednet.comâ??s competition (Marvel and Cholesterol.com) and how Mednet.com differentiates its offerings from its competitors. Discussion 2 Discuss the marketing goals of Mednet.com. Discussion 3 Evaluate the three options for Mednet.com at the end of the case and select a course of action for the p

Sales & Relationship Management

Need to explain the importance of customer service and customer support in an e-business and discuss some of the strategies businesses can use in creating customer service, customer support levels and customer relationship management (3 pages). Points should include: -the life time value of a customer -FAQ's -tailor progra

Describe the Amazon.com database.

Answer the following in 500 words Address the uses of the Amazon.com database; possible data management issues; and the relationship amongst Amazon's data, information, and knowledge. Describe how Amazon.com® uses e-business and e-commerce for B2B and B2C.

Social Media

Please Write 550 words about: Analyze the ethical issues involved in social media use and how to address them. The analysis should include the following: · Security concerns, such as identity theft · Credibility, maintaining trust and honestly in marketing and advertising, product reviews, and commen

Art's connections

Art flows like blood along the arteries of commerce (trade), conflict (war) and creed (religion). Discuss this statement. Identify at least two pieces of art that reflect the truth or falseness of this statement for EACH of the topics (trade, war, and religion - total of six.)

IKEA's Product Strategies and Product Range

Please assist with short answer responses to the questions. o What do you think of Ikeas product strategy and product range? o IKEA's plan to have 50 stores in operation in the United States by 2013 is an indicator of the company's optimism about the viability of its value proposition in this country. Do you think th


What are the major limitations on the growth of E-commerce? Which limitation do you think is potentially the toughest to overcome and why?

Financial Analysis based on Walgreens Pharmacy

Most of the project that I am working on is complete in the attachments. I just need help with a few things. Could you also show work where needed. 5. What is the firm's Cash Conversion Cycle? 6. Determine the systematic risk of the firm. Track the firm's stock price and the volatility of its prices. What is the firm's

Gregory Unruh's Bioshpere Rules

Unruh's three biosphere rules are explained and their application to manufactiring and e-business are discussed individually. Their application to e-business is not readily see, but is discussed.