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How has Dell used its direct sales and build-to-order model to develop an exceptional supply chain? How has Dell exploited the direct sales model to improve operations performance? What are the main disadvantages of Dell's direct sales model? How does Dell compete with a retailer who already has a stock? How does Dell's supply chain deal with the bullwhip effect?

How has Dell used its direct sales and build-to-order model to develop an exceptional supply chain? How has Dell exploited the direct sales model to improve operations performance? What are the main disadvantages of Dell's direct sales model? How does Dell compete with a retailer who already has a stock? How does Dell's supp

Social Networking Strategies: User Generated Content

Write the answers for the following questions in a word document ( in order of one question one answer) 1. Visit http://woodenboat.com and http://finewoodworking.com. Compare the ways that these two publications use social networking on their sites. For each, how does their use of social networking contribute to revenue? To w

Goals and Objectives

Our group will be creating a start-up e-commerce company. The company will have all of the capabilities of a firm such as Best Buy or Frys Electronics. Our company will sell electronic components such as computer and HDTV monitors, printers and Surround Soundsystems. We will also supply our customers with smaller items such as c

Business Ethics

Analyze in detail the five types of internet fraud. Please describe any personal experiences you have encountered with internet fraud? What are practical preventative measures to deter being a victim of internet fraud? Please be specific.

Operating Leverage in Manufacturing

What is the definition of operating leverage? How does operating leverage differ in manufacturing, service, merchandising, and e-commerce organizations? How can operating leverage be used to increase an organization's profitability? How do categories of ratios provide a full picture of an organization's health?


Do you think the outcome for Boo.com would have been different if they focused on a domestic market?

Overview of Amazon and Ebay

Provide a brief overview of EBay and Amazon from a financial perspective and what is the key information on their financial statements.

Financial Analysis of Apple, Google, and Amazon

1. Choose any three publicly traded companies as long as you have at least one company that deals with a product and at least one company that deals with a service. 2. Next, go to the web site of each company and find their annual report to shareholders. You will generally find this in "investor" or "shareholder" informat

Design a Privacy Policy

When you order something from ComicStands.com, it asks for personal information such as name, mailing address, and phone number. It is not clear whether or not they intend to sell this information to a third party for telemarketing or other purposes. Design a "privacy policy" that you would like to see added to the site. How sho

Primary Revenue Models - Kodak Gallery

PROBLEM STATEMENT The text lists categories of primary revenue models. Using the Internet, find another uncommon e-commerce company that simultaneously fits 2 or 3 of the categories. (Pick a company in an industry you might use for your project). WRITING: In a 3 to 4 paragraph supported essay explain why the selected co

First-Mover vs. Late-Mover

The managers of your company are deciding whether to develop a brand new product not yet seen in the marketplace or a version of a competitor's product that has already been launched into the marketplace. Management has called a meeting to discuss which way to go. They want to know if they should follow the "first-mover" theo

Website Evaluation Paper Argument Development

Website Evaluation Paper As part of a business, you will write reports that may impact decisions. Having the best information available is important; therefore, knowing how to assess websites is critical. You have been asked to evaluate the quality of one of the following websites. Would you recommend this site as a credib

Case Study - Information Systems - E-Commerce

Entelliu, Digg, Peerflix, Zappos, and Jigsaw: Success for Second Movers in e-Commerce. Real World Case 2 See details attached first movers second movers later mover prospective new entrants differentiate yourself front runner companies Questions 1, 2 & 3 only.

Elements of Marketing Mix for McDonald's Restaurants

Short answer: 1. List and describe in detail, the elements of the marketing mix (4P's) for a McDonald's restaurant 2. Describe the functions (responsibilities, roles, etc., ) that a typical marketing manager should perform 3. List and describe what you consider to be the key elements of a marketing plan. Does a firm n

E-business Security

1. Prepare a list of important security issues in ecommerce and prioritize them (at least 5 items) and justify your answer. Examples are: Physical security, Encryption, etc. 2. If you were to select 5 issues important to you in ecommerce, where in the list would you put the security and why?


PowerPoint gives users the ability to emphasize the points on a list with either numbers or bullets. Is it best to use bullets or numbers when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide. Give a specific example where each would be more appropriate and justify your answers. There are many ways to begin to develop a presentation

7-Step and Branding Processes

Consider the seven-step process to assess market opportunity. Analyze the steps of the branding process with a well-known e-commerce site. Select a website: eBay, compare the site's particular marketing approach to that of traditional methods.

Preparing an E-Business Strategy

E-business project guidelines Prepare a report about marks and Spencer's e-business strategy. Consider the following elements in your study: - Nature of the business - Segment market - Corporate strategy - Functional strategies - IS strategy - E-business operations. Remember inventory management systems at Wal-mart will c

E-business: Challenges, B2B, B2C Benefits/Drawbacks

Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of both B2B (business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) E-Business. Which holds the greatest promise for the immediate future? Explain your rationale. Evaluate the challenges to E-Business and determine which is the most difficult to address. Make at least one (1) recommendation

Use of Porter's five forces, sound e-business strategy, SMART objectives

Q-1 In which areas of the strategy formulation, Porter's five forces model will help, and how? Q-2 What is the importance of having a sound e-business strategy? What could be some of the potential threats in the absence of a strategy? Q-3 What is the importance of online revenue contribution in defining an e-business stra

Global supply chain

Provide examples of more than one MNE that relied on global supply chain as outsourcing in terms of logistics, packaging, or shipment for example. Give websites to support response.

Evaluate the B2B model being used by Dell Corporation

See attached files. Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas: As defined in your readings, th

Commerce Consumer

Describe permission advertising. Discuss opt-in and opt-out and what this means to consumers.

Commerce Consumers B2C

Describe the nature of B2C E-Commerce. What are the major advantages of the electronic job market to the candidate? To the employers?