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    Defferent types of Internet fraud

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    Analyze in detail the five types of internet fraud. Please describe any personal experiences you have encountered with internet fraud? What are practical preventative measures to deter being a victim of internet fraud? Please be specific.

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    The most common types of internet fraud are stolen credit cards, lotteries, emails, fake auctions, and untrusted sites. Many of these can also lead to identity theft.

    clever phishing scams are good at stealing credit cards. The phisher will use messages or emails to obtain personal information. They will send an email or message that appears legitimate to get the user to send their information. Some of these are very sophisticated and may direct the user to a website that appears just like the official card site. A favorite phrase is "verify your account". An official business will never ask this information. The user should ignore this email and call the credit card company. A user should never give out their information without calling the company. This includes a users bank, credit card company or any other legitimate business they use.

    Internet lottery fraud comes in an unsolicited email saying the user has won money. When ...

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