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    Different Types of Internet Fraud and How to Prevent It

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    Please help with an assignment by discussing the following questions:

    Describe the five types of internet fraud, including how they can affect an individuals experience with the website that it occurs on
    State some practical preventative measures to avoid being a victim of internet fraud?

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    Analyze in detail the five types of internet fraud
    According to Wikipedia, "Internet fraud consist of fraudulently soliciting prospective victims, conducting fraudulent transactions, transmitting fraudulent proceeds to financial institutions or to others involved in the schemes." According to Ethics and The Conduct of Business, 6th edition, The Federal Trade Commission has established five principles of privacy. They have attempted to protect the consumer's ...

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    This solution discusses different types of Internet fraud, how does they can affect an individual's personal experiences on the internet, and how to an individual can avoid becoming a victim of internet fraud.