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    Frauds Depicted in the Film 'Catch Me If You Can'

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    Rent or buy and watch the movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

    Your goal is to write a paper regarding the fraud depicted in the movie. Your paper should discuss one to three specific fraudulent activities illustrated in the movie. For each of your examples of fraud from the movie, your discussion should focus on:

    1. What specific type of fraud was committed?
    2. How did he get away with it?
    3. What was and could have been done to prevent the fraud?
    4. What was and could have been done to detect the fraud?
    5. How was the investigation handled and how might it have been handled differently?
    6. How could he have avoided being caught?
    7. What modern methods now exist to prevent the specific fraud?
    8. Can this fraud still be successful? How?
    9. What ever happened to Mr. Abagnale Jr.?

    Your paper is intended as a platform for you to display your knowledge of fraudulent activity and examination. It should include very specific concepts and ideas we have covered during the course. Remember that this is a graduate-level paper and should be of that quality.

    Your paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font. Your paper should only exceed 25 pages (excluding title page, table of contents, references, etc.) if it is truly concise and extraordinary in its content. You will be graded for content, structure, grammar and punctuation, and overall quality. Refer to the 1) Hodges Harbrace Handbook by Glenn and Gray and 2) A Manual for Writers by Turabian, et al., for assistance in constructing the mechanics of your paper. The use of headings and subheadings is encouraged, but should not be used to "fill up space" in meeting minimum requirements for the project. The discussion points suggested above should provide plenty of opportunity for content.

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    This document will discuss Frank Abagnale Jr.'s rise and fall. Frank committed many types of fraud, such as imposing as a Pan Am Airline Pilot, an attorney and even a doctor. He wrote fraudulent checks that added up into the millions. His fraudulent acts placed him on the radar of the FBI, who for years tried to capture Abagnale. Abagnale said, "Catch Me If You Can."

    The Beginning

    Frank Jr. grew up in a happy home in New Rochelle, New York, an affluent part of the state. Frank Jr. wanted for nothing and his family life seemed blessed. His father, Frank Sr., appeared to be doing well with his business ventures until one day Frank Sr. applied for a loan and was denied. The denial was due to the fact that Frank Sr. was guilty of numerous IRS tax frauds.

    The family could no longer afford to live in their palatial home and sold it. Frank Jr. and his parents relocated to a tiny apartment. His mother was so devastated by the events that she has an affair with Frank Sr.'s best friend. During this turmoil, Frank Jr. role played and posed as a teacher, in his own school no less, at the young age of 16. Frank was trying to escape the wraths of his life as it was no longer what it was. Frank Sr. found out about the affair of his wife and best friend and the marriage dissolved. Frank Jr. could no longer carry the burden of his family on his shoulders and left and never looked back.

    The Fraud Begins

    Frank Jr. is still high school age as the fraud trail begins. From 1964 to 1967, Frank Jr. impersonated a Pan Am Airline pilot and flew over 2 million miles for free. He was also the Chief Resident Pediatric Surgeon at a Georgia hospital and an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Louisiana. He accomplished all of these feats prior to his 19th birthday. How did he do it?

    Frank Jr. was a handsome young man and learned much about business from his father, as his parents would entertain quite often. He spoke well and even though he was young, his looks were mature as was his stature. His charm was his biggest asset and he knew what to say and how to say it.

    Frank Jr. felt he needed more out of life and decided to try life on his own. He is walking in the city one day and sees how women and society welcomes pilots and kowtows to their every need and want. He decides he needs to know everything about the airline industry and impersonates a student newspaper reporter and interviews an executive with Pan Am and obtains information that is not available to the general public.

    He now takes this information and obtains a Pan Am uniform and he's on his way.

    Type of Fraud Committed - Check Fraud

    The uniform and his good looks are all Frank needs to act as an imposter. His innocence opens doors as he checks into his first hotel and the hotel clerk advises that the hotel cashes personal checks up to $100 and payroll checks up to $300. These small checks accumulate into the millions, as he writes these checks worldwide.

    How Did He Get Away With It?

    Frank falsifies his first check dressed as an airline pilot. While cashing his fraudulent checks, he searches for the weakest bank teller who will not question the check or Frank. While flirting one day, the bank teller tells Frank how the check cashing system works and how the numbers on the bottom of the checks are actually routing numbers and depending on the routing number, the longer it takes for the check to clear.

    This is all the information Frank needs. He attends a bank auction and purchases a bank routing machine to further his fraudulent acts. He was one step ahead of the system and his stature and professionalism kept him on the go. Frank now needs more ...

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    The solution discusses the fraudulent actions of Frank Abganale Jr.'s actions in the movie Catch Me If You Can