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    Catch Me if You Can: Illustrate 3 fraudulent activities

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    Here are the guidelines:

    Rent or buy and watch the movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

    Your goal is to write a paper regarding the fraud depicted in the movie. Your paper should discuss one to three specific fraudulent activities illustrated in the movie. For each of your examples of fraud from the movie, your discussion should focus on:

    1. What specific type of fraud was committed?
    2. How did he get away with it?
    3. What was and could have been done to prevent the fraud?
    4. What was and could have been done to detect the fraud?
    5. How was the investigation handled and how might it have been handled differently?
    6. How could he have avoided being caught?
    7. What modern methods now exist to prevent the specific fraud?
    8. Can this fraud still be successful? How?
    9. What ever happened to Mr. Abagnale Jr.?

    Your paper is intended as a platform for you to display your knowledge of fraudulent activity and examination. It should include very specific concepts and ideas we have covered during the course.

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    Catch Me If You Can

    Movie Analysis: Catch me if you can


    Catch me if You Can is a comedy movie released in the year 2002. The premiere took place in California, Los Angeles in December, 2002. This film is based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr. who has earned lots of money by playing the role of pilot, prosecutor and a doctor. The story was originally written in 1980 and became movie in the year 1980. Frank is highly skillful in check falsification and later on this skill is used by FBI itself. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken, Amy Adams and Martin Sheen. At some point of the movie, filmmakers Gore Verbinski, David Fincher, Cameron Crowe were also involved. The movie making took place in 2002 between February - May. The movie was successful, financially and critically.

    The movie has a theme of "troubled childhoods" and "broken homes". The parents of the director Spielberg were divorced when he was a child which is similar to the situation of Frank Abagnale's. Frank is shown as the genius of the 21st century and has innocence of mid sixties. There was a dilemma to market the film as 'inspired by a true story' as controversies arose in movies like 'The Hurricane', 'A Beautiful Mind'. Controversies arose due to deviation from the history.

    In the first week of publishing, movie earned about $ 30 million through 3225 theaters. The total earning all over the world was $352.1 million. The total returns generated from the movie were six times greater than the budget. The actor Leonardo's performance was excellent in the movie. It is the Spielberg's one of the best movies. The cinematography is completely colorful with smart performance. In the 75th Academy Awards, Christopher Walken was nominated for the category of best supporting actor and John Williams for Original Music Score. Leonardo DiCaprio was awarded for the best actor at the Golden

    Globe Awards.

    Answer 1.
    Type of Fraud

    In the movie "Catch me if you can" the main protagonists Frank Abagnale Jr., mainly indulged in bank forgery and impersonation. He tricked people by impersonating different people and through use of forged personal checks of banks. The different kinds of frauds committed by him are discussed below:

    ? Forgery of Checks
    He opened different bank accounts in various banks while assuming different identities. He made forged checks which were near perfect copies of original checks. He used to deposit these checks with the bank and asked them to give him advance payment on the basis of the money in the account. The bank officials taken up by his near perfect impersonations of different people and never suspected it and rendered him the money. The money in his account could not be liquidated as the checks were rejected.
    ? Impersonation
    The second kind of fraud in which Frank Abagnale indulged in, was of Impersonation. He impersonated a pilot, doctor and attorney to fool people. In the beginning he impersonated in order to put up a reliable identity to commit bank frauds. He assumed the identity of an Airline pilot serving for Pan American World Airways. He flew to various countries on the expense of the Airline. All the bills of hotel and food went into Pan American World Airway's account. Other notable impersonation included that of a doctor in a hospital at Georgia. He assumed the identity of a chief resident pediatrician who filled in for a position of a supervisor. His other notable impersonation was of an attorney. Abagnale successfully produced a copy of Harvard University law transcript, successfully completed bar exam and landed a job at state attorney general of Louisiana.

    Answer 2.
    Getting Away With It

    Frank Abagnale Jr., committed a lot of frauds and was always successful managed to fool people around. There were a lot of reasons behind Abagnale getting away with the crimes he committed. One of the major reasons was his modus operandi. He was near perfect in details. He forged checks were such neat perfect copies that could not be easily detected. One of the reasons for this was that he used to observe and study well. He used to get acquainted with the people who were there in a particular job like befriending doctors, nurses, accountant at the banks etc. This helped him in getting information regarding small details. His proper planning helped him in conducting fool proof forgery.

    An instance of this observance is depicted in the scene, where he interviews a pilot before impersonating him. He managed to gather all the facts related to his jobs in order to impersonate him in a perfect manner. Other factor which helped him in getting away was his convincing appearance. The forgeries he committed were always supported by the perfect impersonation. His convincing appearance helped to fool the cleverest of people. He managed to even fool the FBI officers by forging himself as a Secret Service Officer.

    Even in the midst of high tension, he didn't lose his balance which lead to convince people. Even the people who had previously met him didn't recognize him. He carefully selected the profession he was getting into. He used to choose the work where there was less scope of work. Like in the hospital he impersonated a supervisor, a job which doesn't ...

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