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Goals & Objectives for E-Commerce Electronic Start Up

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Our group will be creating a start-up e-commerce company. The company will have all of the capabilities of a firm such as Best Buy or Frys Electronics. Our company will sell electronic components such as computer and HDTV monitors, printers and Surround Soundsystems. We will also supply our customers with smaller items such as cables (HDMI, USB, Printer, Network, etc.).

Explain the goals and objectives in detail.

â?¢ Goals:
To provide valued online customers with quick delivery of high quality electronic products.

To employ the latest in internet e-business technology in transacting online business.

â?¢ Objectives:
To convey electronic products to customers within 24 hours.
(Note: this addresses "quick" delivery mentioned)

Increase the life span of electronic products that the company offers.
(Note: this addresses "high quality electronic products")

To continually upgrade the company with up-to-date e-business applications
(Note: this addresses "the latest in internet technology)

The goals and objectives of our company will be filtered down to all managers from upper management. Once a complete understanding of the goals and objectives are met from management, a timeline to achieve the goals will need to be put in place. Management will create projects and tasks associated with the plan and clearly state the goals and objectives their employees. In addition, training will be given and processes will be created. This process will be monitored to ensure quality and maintain focus.
Management will also be responsible for clearly communicating why these goals and objectives are important, what they mean to the company as well as providing a timeframe for completion. Developing the aforementioned processes and procedures is a critical step for management. Ensuring that the processes are easy to follow and all staff is well trained will guarantee a smooth transition.
Our company will continue to upgrade the e-business application to ensure that we stay on top of the latest and most efficient trends. Our applications will deliver functionality designed to make users' jobs easier. Taking an industry-specific approach will allow our company to provide industry-tailored software for our customers.

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This detailed solution outlines the start up of a e-commerce electronic company, explaining the goals and objectives in detail and giving a link and examples.

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As a start up e-commerce company we are driven to succeed by supplying electronic components and accessories to customers.

Corporate Goals:

To provide valued online customers with quick delivery of high quality electronic products. 
Our goal is to ship all purchases within 24 hours of ordering to ensure immediate customer satisfaction. Top carriers will be used to add to the quality image of site, and customers will be given information throughout the process to track their orders.

To employ the latest in Internet e-business technology in transacting online business. We will show our strength as a technology company by taking advantage of online technology to better serve our customers. This will encourage customers to shop with us, and consider us (replace with company name in each case) technological leaders. It will also aid us in processing orders quickly, competently, and efficiently.


To convey electronic products to customers within 24 hours. We will supply customers with an estimated arrival time at the time of ordering, and follow up with a receipt for their purchases, which includes a tracking number. Orders placed before ten ...

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