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    systems approach to ecommerce

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    I am busy preparing a paper on the above topic 5 to 6 pages.

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    A system approach to ecommerce may lead to the success of organization
    I am busy preparing a paper on the above topic 5 to 6 pages
    A systems approach to ecommerce can lead to the success of an organization. There are some key concepts that form the base of the systems approach. Overall the objective of the systems approach is to combine or bring together. In this context, one of the first concepts is specialization. A system is divided into smaller components allowing more specialization concentration in each component. In ecommerce there are different areas where specialization can bring success to the organization. Consider this, the website development is done by a specialized group of persons but the maintenance is done by another term. For example, in ecommerce the system is divided into different systems like the procurements system, the human resources system, and the marketing system. Each system enables the ecommerce business to focus more on each component so that it achieves expertise and success.
    An important concept in the systems approach is grouping. It becomes necessary to group related disciplines or sub-disciplines. In case of an ecommerce business, all functions related to marketing like advertising, personal selling, and publicity may be grouped together in a marketing group. This grouping helps reduce specialization. Consider another example; an ecommerce may have several functions like obtaining loans, processing customer payments, and making payments to suppliers. These can be grouped together in a finance department.
    An important concept in the systems approach is the coordination. It is necessary for the different ecommerce components and subcomponents to be grouped together. These are necessary so that there are interactions among groups. For instance, if the marketing depart of the ecommerce business wants to launch an advertising campaign, it must coordinate with finance so that payments for media, design etc are made on time. It also must coordinate with the Information Systems department so that website is prepared for the campaign. It must also coordinate with the procurement group to ensure that there are no ...

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