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1. Explain how using the World Wide Web might make the budgeting process more efficient for a multinational company.

2. Management by exception is a technique used to effectively identify and investigate variances in operating environment. There are no firm guidelines that direct managers as to which variances they should investigate. Instead, managers are expected to identify variances that are significant and in need of explanation.

1. Develop a "rule of thumb" that managers might follow to decide on which variances to investigate.

2. Discuss how managers in the company you work for use management by exception to improve efficiency.

(Please provide cite of references).

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1. Using the World Wide Web can help making the budgeting process more efficient for a multinational company as it will allow said company to reach a number of prospective customers via a vast market, such as the World Wide Web at a more efficient cost. Many companies can utilize the web to advertise its products, either via Google searches or through banner advertisements. Although banner advertisements can be a bit more costly than other forms of advertisements, these advertisements can reach a large target audience, if used effectively. Furthermore, multinational companies may have difficulty using direct advertising in countries that they do not have an office based in. Therefore, the World Wide Web is much more cost effective then sending out advertisements via mail or other forms of advertisement.

Furthermore, the World Wide Web is an effective tool for multinational companies as it will allow them to trade globally. Previous to the web, multinational companies may not have had options to reach consumers of different marketing areas. The introduction of web allows a business to reach millions. The competition required from the web has also "sped up the growth of new technological development". Because of this, there companies are coming up with ways to ensure that their websites are "more user-friendly". Companies should consider an "e commerce web design" as it will allow a more user friendly option for the companies.

An e-commerce website will allow the multinational companies the following: "Easy product upload; ...

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