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Sources of conflict for market entry

What are some types and sources of conflict when establishing channels to market entry for high-technology products or services?

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Trading Companies and Local Agents: Trading and distribution rights, especially if partnered with the WTO. With careful selection, training and constant contact, US firms can obtain good market representation from a trading companies, many of which are authorized to deal in a wide range of products.

Representative Offices: These are the easiest type of offices for foreign firms to set up but law to performing 'liaison' activities limits them. They cannot sign sales contracts, directly bill customers or supply parts and after-sales services for a fee.

Subsidiaries: A locally incorporated equity or cooperative ...

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This is a detailed solution dicussing eight different sources of conflict for market entry. Here is a small sample of what you will receive: Technology transfer is another initial market entry approach being used today. It offers short-term profits but runs the risk of creating long-term competitors. Due to this concern and intellectual property considerations and the lower technical level prevailing in some markets, some firms attempt....Thank you for using Brainmass.