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Examine statistics from www.internetworldstats.com and explain why you might think they are changing in the Caribbean region. See summary also attached.

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Laudon, Kenneth C. & Traver, Carol G. e-commerce : business. technology. society. 2011 7/e Edition, Pearson Hall, New Jersey, USA. 2011 (ISBN: 0-13-609119-9).

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Not very late did the Caribbean experience a gap in information technology. When compared to the European Union countries, the Caribbean was lagging behind. No Caribbean country had a more than 8 users of internet per 100 inhabitants while in the OECD, most countries had at least double that amount. However, there has been a widespread recognition for information and technology. The education level, infrastructure, and healthcare in the Caribbean put the region in a position to utilize information and technology to raise incomes rather than just reduce poverty. As a result, Caribbean has followed the world trend in bringing the internet to their inhabitants. There are almost six million internet users in Caribbean. This coupled with the internet growth rate of 970% is causing a wave of transformation in the region.

Despite economic downturn, Caribbean countries have witnessed strong surge in telecom markets. The Caribbean is a small market by global standards, comprising of ...

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