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    Considerations for Drug/Genetic Testing Privacy Concerns

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    Module 3 - SLP
    Physical Privacy

    Identify for me a basic physical privacy right issue in the workplace you are studying. You may think about:
    ? drug testing
    ? polygraph testing
    ? physical requirements about hair or clothing
    ? pregnancy
    ? dating/sexuality
    ? whatever you wish.

    Identify one issue and explain the utilitarian and deontological considerations.

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    Concerns for the use of genetic testing for employment or work related testing then are multiple:

    1. Will I be informed, if the company intends to do genetic testing on a biological sample I provide?
    2. Will I be provided with the results of such tests?
    3. Will I be in control over how the results of those tests are utilized?
    4. Do I understand the nature of the test and has the test been validated (has the validity of the test been confirmed in a double-blind trial)?
    5. Do I have a choice in providing a biological sample and is my choice consequence neutral?
    6. If I don't have a choice, or my choice is not consequence neutral, what are my options?
    7. What legal recourse do I have if something about this process ends up having a negative impact on me?
    8. Do I have access to other people who agreed/did not agree so I can find out how the process worked/did not work for them?
    9. Is the process/procedure open, documented, transparent and based on the individual?
    10. Can I ensure that the results are destroyed if I decide that they could negatively impact me?

    The problem is not with genetic testing itself but with the ways humans use those tests. The law and adequate consumer/patient/individual protections go a long way to making genetic testing both a utilitarian non-negative utility AND a de-ontological acceptable reality. The best way to make genetic testing a benefit for society is to protect individuals and their interaction with the technology. Genetic testing should NEVER be utilized without individual consent, and NEVER be used as a condition for something else (such as employment, insurance, etc). Tests results should be owned by the individual in the same way they own anything else. Like other medical information, test results should ALWAYS be made available to the owner of the sample on which the ...

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