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PetSmart vs QVC

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I'm curious to know how Pet Smart numbers compare to other pet supply companies that advertise on television and radio. I wasn't aware that PetSmart offered this type of on-line service. I have shopped there in times past and the store associate didn't mention this option.
On another note, I discovered Shopnbc web-site, which is the same as QVC. However, on this site the consumer can actually bid for items that are up for auction. Recently I purchase a gold overlay bracelet with diamonds and sapphires for $11.00 and a pair of gold overlay diamond earrings for $3.00. It would be my opinion that being able to shop via auction would give Shopnbc an advantage over QVC as it relates to retaining customer and increasing revenue.explain

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The solution contains a couple paragraphs talking about the difference in QVC's success and Petsmart, when it comes to e-commerce.

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When it comes to Petsmart, that actually doesn't surprise me. You may remember back from the dot-com boom, a set called "pets.com". They advertised on TV, radio, etc and had a fairly decent marketing team. They went bust. In fact, that site was bought out by none other than petsmart. There are alot of choices for pet ...

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