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    Petsmart Background on Industry

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    Please research Petsmart

    1) Introduction and background of the industry (company history; products and service offered; financial info for past five years).

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    PetSmart perform under a large and growing pet industry. It has been estimated by The American Pet Products Association, or "APPA," the 2009 market of pet industry at approximately $45.4 billion with an increase of more than 165% since year 1994. The growth of the industry can be estimated based on the 2007/2008 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. This survey indicates that more than 71 million households in the United States own a pet.
    If we classify the pet industry in US, it can be divided into the food and treats, supplies and medicines, veterinary care, pet services (such as grooming and boarding) and purchases of pets categories of services.
    It has been found out that the pet supplies and medicine sales account for ...

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    The solution examines Petsmart background information on the industry. The company history, products and service offered is given.