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E-Business Case Study: Michelle's

Michelle's has contracted you to prepare a plan for taking their business into e-commerce. Many areas of the company are not prepared to handle this transformation and they've asked you to prepare a set of recommendations on how to handle the following areas:

Transactions (e.g., How do we handle Billing and Payment in an e-commerce system?)
Relationships (e.g., How do we deal with suppliers, distributors, end-consumers? Do we offer special pricing to different customer sets?)
Inventory and Warehouse management (e.g., How do we handle returns?)
Customer Service (e.g., How will customers communicate with us?)
Security and Privacy (e.g., How do we protect our intellectual property and customer data?)
Technology (e.g., Should we outsource any applications/functions? What new technology applications are required to accommodate Michelle's e-business?)
The questions here are intended to get you started but consider other challenges within each area that should be addressed.

Individual Portion: (500-1000 words of notes)

Each member of the team should research one of the above topics and make several key recommendations for his/her area. Apply your learning in technology coursework, personal experience, and Internet research to make recommendations in each of these areas. Where you do not have sufficient background information from the case study, you may make assumptions as long as they are stated and supported.

The part that I picked was inventory and warehouse management (this is a powerpoint). How do I go about using the information and finding the right information? Do I go about doing inventory first then warehouse or do they go together?

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Looking at that assignment, I think inventory and warehouse go together. The warehouse is the physical building, and the inventory is what is inside. So I think the distinction is not really a concern here. What you should be focusing on is what happens in the warehouse, with regards to your inventory. How do you keep track of you what you have? What supply chain systems are you using? We talked about CRM before. If you have ...

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