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    E-Bay Buy-It-Now Option Benefits

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    The buy-it-now is not such a bad thing. However, the person making the purchase should do some homework about the product to see if in fact they are getting the best price. Recently I went on-line in search for a particular artist's handbags that were hand-painted. In my search, I found this purse with two prices. The bidding price was $9.99 and the buy it now price is $24.99. The $24.99 is actually a great price because in times past I have seen similar items from this artist bid as high as $75.00. Explain.

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    The point of the auction is the thrill of potentially getting the purse for $9.99. What if you bid on the purse for $9.99? There could be the chance that you might actually win the purse at that price, or any price below the ...

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    This solution discusses the buy-it-now policy in e-commerce.