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    Research the information about E-bay answer these questions on essay format: 2000words not including references, Harvard style reference required.

    1. Describe the current strategy of e-bay and the process it uses to develop and execute its strategy

    2. Assess whether there are elements of a" competing on the edge" approach to strategy in e-bay. be sure to justify your answer

    3. Refer to the "competing on the edge" approach. compare e-bay with the other companies. Assess whether e-bay is developing the "Midas touch"

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    E-Bay King of The Online Auction Industry
    E-bay is an online auction company that has been remarkably successful. It has been able to diversify into several web based businesses, the most remarkable of which is the PayPal payment system. E-bay is a company that has " competing on the edge" and has succeeded.

    1. describe the current strategy of e-bay and the process it uses to develop and execute its strategy
    E-bay has several categories and several formats. The current strategy of of e-bay is to increase its sales across categories and format. Even though e-bay will focus on some categories that expand fast like computers, e-bay decided to increase sales across all categories. Further, to increase its future sales e-bay has now focused on fixed price trading schemes like Express Buys. This is the overall strategy in which the integration of Half.com into e-bay will also take place .
    The overall global strategy of e-bay will be that e-bay will review its present expansion and consolidate its position in the global market. e-bay will focus on the profitability of its new markets and will consolidate its categories so that each category becomes independently profitable (E-bay Inc. 2008) . To achieve global expansion, e-bay will improve the software architecture and ensure that its global systems increase the profitability of e-bay. The generic strategy of e-bay is to improve its services through technology so that it can become more popular, useful to global customers and improve its profitability.
    e-bay strategy has focused on innovation that has enabled its brands e-bay, PayPal, and Skype to create a trinity that supports each other. Each of these brands however, contributes as a standalone brand. The combination of three brands has been used to open up new markets for e-bay. e-bay has marketed its PayPal as a system that can be used by sellers that are selling through other networks outside e-bay (Keegan. W, Davidson. H, & Brill. A, 2001).
    The success of e-bay market place emanates from the use of integrated marketing initiatives. e-bay has taken a lead in paid and natural searches. This has led to substantial gains for e-bay in the European markets where its is poised to become the largest seller. On the other hand the strategy has worked very well in the Asian Markets which is the fastest growing market of e-bay.
    E-bay also builds its strategies by providing market opportunities for multi-channel sellers and buyers through enhanced shopping experience and innovative payment models. e-bay's current strategy of integration is designed to provide a marketing platform of the future.
    One of the areas where integration has worked best for e-bay is the integration of PayPal into the e-bay marketplace. This strategy is likely to continue as e-bay plans to integrate more of its services so that product it offers has a formidable number and quality of features (Brown. S & Eisenhardt, K 1998).
    e-bay is focused on product innovation to improve its market position. An example of such a product innovation is the Skype Video and Web. In this manner e-bay has provided product innovation and maintains a leadership position in online communication. The integration of Skype with e-bay will increase its use for generation of leads. The combination of e-bay, PayPal and Skype is a powerful strategy of e-bay in which it integrates some of the most powerful ...

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