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    Otago Bay Financial Ratios: comparison to industry averages

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    A) Calculate the following financial ratios for 2006 and 2007

    Ratios Industry Averages (for 2007)
    Current Ratio 2.36
    Total Asset Turnover 1.27
    Debt-equity ratio 10
    Net Profit Margin 9.30
    ROA 15.87
    ROE 19.21
    EPS 1.59
    P/E Ratio 19.87
    Dividend yield .44
    Payout Ratio .26
    Price-to Book Value 6.65

    b) Considering the financial ratios you computed, along with the industry averages, how would you characterize the financial condition of Otago Bay? Explain.

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    A comparison to industry averages for Otago Bay Financial Ratios are examined.