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    Wal-Mart and Industry Comparison with Ratio's

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    I am seeking 800 words on the subject below, It must include current 2011 and 2012 referrences, referrences are not included in the 800 word count.

    What is Wal-Mart's position in the industry including a comparison of the company to its competitors. Good metrics to determine a company's position in the industry and its comparison to competitors include revenues and/or market share.

    Also Include Industry Comparison for Walmart Industry Comparsion and Industry Averages.
    This is what this portion should address, the format Is provided below. Current 2011 and 2012 referrences must be included
    Industry Comparison
    Ratio Wal-Mart Industry Averages
    1. Net income growth
    2. P/E Ratio
    3. Net Income
    4. Current Ratio
    5. Interest Coverage
    6. Return on Assets
    7. Total assets Turnover

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    Wal-Mart and industry comparisons with Ratio's are determined.