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    E-Business Management Scenario

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    Michelle's management team was impressed with your last presentation and has decided to take their business into the digital marketplace. Prepare a Power Point presentation to be presented to the V.P. of Marketing that outlines some recommendations for a Marketing and Communication Plan for hairfauxyou.com. Suggestions might include but are not limited to: email campaigns, banner ads, search engines, real-time/online help, FAQs, use of mobile technology, enhanced graphics software or website development. Be innovative in your approach.

    This is a brick/mortar candy store (1912) BY 5 BROTHERS. Family owned and run, granddaughter is now VP of marketing (2002) a lot of indecisions and resistance with the board and upper management.

    Goal:The task before you begins with convincing the board and upper management of the benefits of the e-commerce marketplace. You will then lead them to plan for a successfully move to online business, while continuing a local business presence and avoiding the failures of other companies. You will be exposing decision-makers to sales channels and technological advances in CRM and SCM. Finally, you will provide company leaders with the knowledge to make decisions about knowledge management and data applications.

    I need to know where to start looking and how to go about developing this powerpoint presentation, this is my first time with e-business/commerece. Anything would be a great help.

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    Follow Up Questions Response: In regards to the slides themselves, I think you may want to check and see how many you are allowed to have. There's a lot of material you could potentially put into here. I would definitely structure it in the same sequence I wrote my response, since that was the sequence of items in the assignment, as I saw it. In regards to the "communication" part of the assignment, I interpret that to mean "communication with customers" in this context. So that's the CRM stuff, email marketing, etc. It really all ties together. One thing I've had drilled into my head by marketing professors, is "Listen to your customer!". That requires communicating with them.

    Thank you for posting today. It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

    The very first thing I want to do before I even address some of the issues in this assignment, is give you a few very good links.

    The first website is my own company. The website is done "correctly" by e-business standards, which I'll talk about in a minute. The second link is to my colleague at Harvard, Dr. Roberts who teaches a course ...

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