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    Ongko Furniture Scenario

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    Read the Ongko Furniture Store Scenario and write no more then a 700-word, APA-formatted, paper explaining the finance concepts found in the readings and how they relate to the context of the scenario.
    Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

    Emery, Finnerty, Stowe. (2007).
    Corporate Financial Management(3rd ed.).
    New Jersey: Pearson-Prentice Hall.

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    Please find guidelines and ideas for Financial Concepts Related with Ongko Furniture Scenario in the attached file.


    Financial Concepts Related with Ongko Furniture Scenario

    Bali is one of the largest furniture manufacturing locations in Indonesia. Jaya Ongko also made furniture for several years near his Bali home. This area provides an effective supply of timber to Ongko's company that helps it in producing a variety of tables and chairs. This paper discusses about some concepts related to finance, which are related with the context of scenario.

    Merger & Acquisition
    Merger refers to the combination of assets and liabilities of two firms into a single entity (Coyle, 2000). In a merged firm, there remains a share of stockholders of pre-merger companies in the ownership and also the top-management remains on the senior management position of the merged company. On the other hand, acquisition is the takeover of ownership and management of one company by another company (Coyle, 2000). This concept is related with the Ongko's furniture scenario. It is because in order to become profitable in the market, Ongko decides to acquire one of its suppliers by expanding his management responsibilities. Ongko also saw that its competitors were ...

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