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Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario

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- Resource: Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario
- Read the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario.

o How could Guillermo use budgets and performance reports in his decision-making process?
o How might ethics influence his accounting decisions?
o What accounting information is most relevant for Guillermo to consider when making decisions?

- Format your paper according to APA standards.

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? Resource: Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario
? Read the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario.
o How could Guillermo use budgets and performance reports in his decision-making process?
Guillermo has to made a decision about selecting one of the three options. The first option is to continue with the current production, the second option is to go in for the latest technology, and the third option is that Guillermo should become a distributor and should market the products of another manufacturer.
Budgets can help Guillermo make a decision because it is a list of planned expenses and revenues. What Guillermo needs to do is to prepare planned expenses and revenues for each of the options and use the results to decide which the best alternative is for him. The budget also represents th plan for saving and spending. Each of the three option has different plans for revenues and expenses. If we look at the Income information we find that each of the options has different net margins, different overheads and net income. Also each option has different requirements for cash investment. For instance, going hi-tech requires a high level of cash ...

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The Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario:
Guillermo Navallaz is the proud owner of Guillermo?s Furniture Store located in Sonora, Mexico. He chose this area because of its excellent supply of timber for the variety of tables and chairs produced by his company. Business was going well until the late 1990s? when two events caused a decline in Guillermo?s business. First, a new overseas competitor entered the Sonora furniture market with their high-tech approach that provided furniture to exact customer specifications at low prices. The second event was that the community of Sonora began to grow. The increase of people and jobs raised the cost of labor significantly and Guillermo experienced shrinking profit margins as prices fell and costs rose (University of Phoenix, 2011).

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