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Product Disparagement and Nexus

Please help me answer the following questions in your own words:

1-Define product disparagement. In two or three paragraphs, present an example of product Disparagement

2- Explain the idea of nexus. Why is it an important concept in state and international taxation? In what ways is it similar to jurisdiction?

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Product disparagement happens when a business intentionally discredits a product of a competitor and it usually ends up being a tort and the product quality of the competitor is put on trial in order to prove the statement as false.

An example of product disparagement is when the sales of an apple growers business was affected by a recent radio/television program which reported that the said company has sprayed daminozide on the apples so that their growth ...

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The solution defines product disparagement and it also presents an example of product disparagement.

Nexus is also described and the reason as to its being an important concept in state and international taxation is also discussed aside from the ways it is similar to jurisdiction. References included.