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Understanding of workplace ethics

Can you please give me a real life work place example for the question below so I can better understand workplace behaviors that are deemed ethical or unethical.

Have you ever been in a situation, especially a work situation, where the norms supported a particular behavior, ethical or unethical, where you felt pressured to go along? Explain.

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What I understand: the student needs an example portraying behaviors within the workplace that may or may not be ethical and exert pressure to follow the status quo. Because the question is posed as one requesting the student's own experience, I offer an example that is clarifying in that it offers an extreme illustration (meaning an example that should be quite obvious).

An easy example is chosen from the recent situations regarding stock and accounting practices, e.g. Enron. Enron is a poignant example because the faults extend to a large number of individuals and departments within the company. Think of working in this company before it received the scrutiny of the public eye. The widespread nature of the ...

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Understanding workplace ethics is achieved.