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eBay and Buy it Now

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I can understand how some people would be unhappy about the "buy it now" option on eBay, because it appears to be taking the auction out of an auction site. However, the auction part is still there for any that want to participate. Even with a "buy it now" tag on an auction - a bidder can go in and bid at or above the starting price and the "buy it now", option is immediately removed and the bidding begins. So, if a buyer sees an item they want and they still don't think the "buy it now" price is something they want to pay, they have the option to begin bidding. This takes the advantage away from the seller in that they put an added fee on an item for the "buy it now" option, and they are not refunded if the auction begins to get bids on it, instead of selling immediately. Explain

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This solution discusses the "buy it all" option on eBay.

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What you wrote is correct, but we also have to look at it from the flip side. Some people do not like auctions. They find it time consuming. The find it stressful. They might end up buying a product that is above their budget. They might lose out on a ...

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