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Information Systems and Competitive Advantage

Describe how information systems could contribute to a competitive advantage of a product or service that we are familiar with.

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Well there are a few that come to mind. Looking at information systems, we can come up with a pretty good list of how they can help a business obtain a competitive advantage. This advantage could help:

- Reduce costs
- Make it difficult for new entries into the market
- Create new products or services
- Enhance products or services
- Establish alliances
- Lock in suppliers or buyers

So with that said, let's take a look at a strictly ebusiness. The giant of ebusiness is probably eBay. There are no physical locations you can go to and place a bid on an auction. EBay has helped reduce costs for merchants of all sizes by allowing them to minimize overhead costs such as rent, inventory, and advertising. EBay's ...

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Discussion on how information systems help a company gain a competitive advantage for its product or service. Talk on eBay, Glubble, and KidZui.