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Sustaining Competitive Advantage

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Please provide some help preparing this paper on the topic of 'Sustaining Competitive Advantage'.

Prepare a white paper exploring the topic in further detail or from a different perspective than the paragraph provided below. Provide possible solutions for the issue you are discussing, and include specifics as to why a certain solution would be most effective.

A paragraph on Competitive Advantage:

Laudon, K. C. & Laudon, J. P.(2012). Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital
Firm. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

The competitive advantages that strategic systems confer do not necessarily last long enough to ensure long-term profitability. Because competitors can retaliate and copy strategic systems, competitive advantage is not always sustainable. Markets, customer expectations, and technology change; globalization has made these changes even more rapid and unpredictable. The Internet can make competitive advantage disappear very quickly because virtually all companies can use this technology. Classic strategic systems, such as American Airline's SABRE computerized reservation system, Citibank's ATM system, and FedEx's package tracking system, benefited by being the first in their industries. Then rival systems emerged. Amazon.com was an e-commerce leader but now faces competition from eBay, Yahoo, and Google. Information systems alone cannot provide an enduring business advantage. Systems originally intended to be strategic frequently become tools for survival, required by every firm to stay in business, or they may inhibit organizations from making the strategic changes essential for future success.

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The solution discusses sustaining competitive advantage.

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The first section of this paper is about competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is the most common business phenomenon in the competitive business world. Today, each newly emerging or existing organization, wants its strategies to bring long lasting advantages. Therefore, they formulate strategies keeping the long term benefits in view.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage

A business in any industry realizes the importance of sustainable competitive advantage. A newly emerged business has to apply a strategy to gain its targeted customer segment out of a market, while an established organization has to go for newer strategies to retain their customer share. If an organization keeps on following the same strategy for a continuous period, then it will neither be able to retain its customers nor to attract customers from some other segment. Therefore, in the business world of competition and ever changing technology, it is unpredictable how much a strategy can last and organizations need to keep experimenting and going for new strategies and tactics.

As the marketers and the strategy formulators keep on playing with the available resources to find out an appropriate strategy, they start ...

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