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Diversity in Human Resource Management

Describe the culture of Wal-Mart

I need assistance in describing the culture of the Wal-Mart organization and the relationship of that culture to leadership and human resource structures and practices. 1. Please explain to me what is the culture of Wal-Mart 2. Please assist me in analyzing the relationships among its culture, leadership, and human resource

Noncompliance with federal laws, diversity in workplace

Details: You are in a manager's meeting talking about hiring. One of the managers says that he wants to hire an older person because he thinks an older person will do a better job. In addition, he wants someone from an affluent, primarily Caucasian area. You need to explain to him that his request could lead down a trail of

Organizational Behavior - Diversity & Conflict and Fair Employment Laws

Diversity is a challenge in any environment. Describe a diversity related conflict in your work setting. What approach was taken to resolve the conflict? It is crucial for a manager to know and understand the fair employment laws. What can you do to create a supportive environment where these laws are understood by your em

Background & experience on personal ethics; management & ground rule changes

1. How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? Please support your answers with examples, from real life if possible. 2. What effect does managerial decision-making and leadership have on organizational ground rule changes? Please support your answers with exampl

Inclusive environment; organization diversity conflicts; examples

What does an organization that values diversity need to consider and address in order to manage and balance issues related to facets of diversity that may conflict; for example, religious beliefs and sexual orientation? Please bring other examples of possible diversity conflicts into your discussion as well. What is meant by

Discuss legal, ethical, and diversity issues affecting recruitment and selection

You are working in the Human Resources Department. You are talking with some friends about your job and what you have learned. Share with them the importance of a good hire. Talk about all that is involved in the recruitment and selection process, including the hard dollars (i.e., dollars spent for ads and agencies) and the soft

Cultural Diversity: Japan vs. United States

How successful would a television commercial in Japan be if it featured a husband surprising his wife in her dressing area on Valentine's Day with a small box of chocolates containing four candies? Why?

Management, Human Resources and Ethics

1. How should companies implement strategies for thinking "outside the box? 2. What are some of the ways to assess the verbal and non-verbal communication in an office setting? 3. How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? 4. Give three examples of individu

Diversity Climate: Implementing Cultural Diversity

Diversity climate is defined as "organizational members' attitudes and perceptions toward people from cultural groups other than their own." These attitudes and perceptions are manifested in the practices and behaviors of individuals in the organization. Design a model with methods and procedures for analyzing diversity and how

Legal Issue Analysis

Legal Issues Analysis Please assist with this request. Note the return time line is 2100 hrs on 24/4/09 Prepare a 900-1,050-word written analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue (e.g., harassment, ADA, and so forth). Summarize the diversity issue, analyze th

Value of Diversity in the Workplace: describe an issue and resolution

From personal experience, select an issue in the work environment that may have been more successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workforce. The paper should include the following: a. Include a thorough description of the issue. Be sure to describe the ramifications of the issue on the organization. b. Do not s

Diversity Action Plan

"Opportunities and Challenges That Diversity Will Bring To The Organization (Starbucks)." Diversity Action Plan Starbucks has been selected as the organization, in which I seek assistance to prepare a Diversity Action Plan. As a result, please prepare an outline and a 300-400 word paper on the CULTURE ASPECT of the Diversity A

Organizational behavior

A. Using your personal experiences, prepare a 750-1,050-word paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology: 1) Organizational behavior 2) Organizational culture 3) Diversity 4) Communication 5) Organizational effectiveness and efficiency 6) Organizational learning Provide examples of how these conc

Business and communications

Post a 150-200-word response to the following question. Describe how individual diversity and conflict management relate to team work.

Human Resource Policy: Describe parameters, overview, policies of an organization

You are tasked to represent the Board of Directors of your organization in your selected industry. You are the top management team of the organization located (your choice of locations). You believe that productivity, quality of product, innovativeness, profitability (and/or cost effectiveness), and morale are much lower than th

Design a Diversity Management Plan for the American CEO and her Company

Imagine, if you will, that you are the CEO for a U.S. technology company that has agreed to enter a joint venture with a successful technology company in India. The venture will involve creation of cross-cultural, cross-functional teams comprised of American and Indian workers in order to generate innovative IT solutions that co

Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Paper Many companies face communication issues with their employees the world becomes more globalized. In order for a company to be successful now, the company must now pay more attention to a diversified workforce. It is important for a company to know their employees and how they will handle communication issues in all areas of the workplace. This includes professionalism too.

An example was given regarding a performance issue between a manager and their associate. Need help starting/structuring an outline an Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Paper This assignment asks you to describe, explain, and rectify a situation that illustrates an intercultural communication issue within a w

Ethical Issues Facing Today's Society

Describe basic ethical issues facing today's society. Use case studies to evaluate and apply theories in support of a personal position on ethical issues. 3-4 pages including a reference list. The importance of ethics in business has long been identified as an essential component to success. However, unethical behaviors still

Workforce diversity is emphasized.

Two credible sources are applied to answer this posting: Workforce diversity creates both opportunities and challenges to intercultural communications. Explain both the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communications and why understanding these will enhance your skills as an employee. Power and language are two

Employment Law Application: Employment termination of Mary

The case is related to the employment termination of Mary, the employer of XYZ business. The organization made discrimination on the basis of age with the old employers and terminated the employees over 55 years of age. Mary found this as a case of age discrimination with the old employees and this has led to termination of many

International business

Task Type: Discussion Board 2 Deliverable Length: 4-5 paragraphs Given PM Company's human resource diversity policy and its expectation that global sales will grow significantly in the future, how should you, as the Vice-President of International Sales, plan to manage the diverse team of managers that will be working for

Diversity Issues

A. Prepare a 1200 word, typewritten paper that examines diversity communication patterns and analyzes the diversity issues. The issue I'm working on is ? The striving toward or resistance of acculturation of the Hispanics. b. Evaluate the effective/ineffective communication patterns presented and relate those patterns to di

Organizational diversity

"I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 350 word essay in which describes the observable aspects of organizational culture in WALMART. My part is about the Organizational diversity. APA Format references. Thank you,