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    Human Resource Management

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    Diversity has become an important focus of many healthcare organizations, especially in urban settings. There is awareness of the need to construct diverse patient care efforts for the cultural uniqueness of the patients that are served.

    Is a diverse workforce needed even if the patient population is diverse? Why or why not?
    If a diverse staff does exist, how can healthcare managers prepare to lead their staff successfully?

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    // In this paper, we will elaborate on the workforce diversity in a healthcare organization. We will also discuss as to why there is a need for a diverse workforce in a healthcare organization when the patient population is also diverse. To deal with the diverse workforce, the managers in the healthcare organization should be competent enough to lead the staff. //

    In the wake of globalization, augmentation in the work force diversity is very prominent and noticeable. In urban settings, people from different parts of the region come and settle down due to the employment and better living ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 398 words with references.