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Diversity in Human Resource Management

Diversity in the Workforce of the United States

Discuss some ways the workforce of the United States is diverse, and within the context of responsible stewardship how the organization can draw upon the skills of an increasingly diverse force.

Jobs, Diversity, and Leadership

1. How do you think the growing use of telecommuters, temporary and part-time workers, and virtual teams affect human resource management? How can managers improve recruiting and retention of these employees? 2. Explain how a manager's personal biases and stereotypes may affect an organization's success in creating a workpla

Importance Of Diversity Training

Why is diversity training so important in organizations today? Can you mention the advantages of diversity training briefly? (Larger applicant, reduced cost, access to more markets and creative problem solving) And how does your organization go about promoting diversity within the workplace?

Company-Wide Diversity Programs

The organization have decided that it would be beneficial for the organization to sponsor some company-wide diversity programs. How is diversity typically defined and what arguments can be made to management for conducting these diversity-initiative programs? Use Diversity Inc. or other sources to gather information to respond t

Lowes: Ethnic and Religious Diversity

Many work environments consist of a rich ethnic and religious diversity. Explain the relationship between this diversity and motivational strategy. How can leaders motivate the broadest cross-section of this diversity? Provide examples to support your opinion. Are there situations in which leaders should not encourage ethnic and

Cross Cultural Motivation

Present Lowe's home improvement's cultural diversity characteristics, either cross-border or with respect to local level diversity (or both). Explain Lowe's' strategies for motivation with respect to this diversity. Assess the effectiveness of the cross-cultural motivational strategies of Lowe's. Describe how Lowe's is either

Cracks in a Thick Glass Ceiling - Women in Employment

In terms of general concepts... 1. Determine if and how the HRM practices align with a company's business strategy. 2. Discuss how hiring more women and promoting them could improve the competitive advantage of this company 3. Prepare a recruitment and retention plan for this company that specifically targets women empl

Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce

Can you assist me in addressing the following question: Managing a culturally diverse workforce is a major challenge facing managers in this decade and beyond. How is the issue being addressed by specific organizations, and what are your recommendations for HR professionals?

Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Is it ethical and moral to hire a less qualified candidate to fulfill a diversity mandate while overlooking a more qualified candidate? Does that make up for past discrimination or does it merely create more discrimination by not hiring the most qualified candidate? Does this apply to layoff situations as well?

Challenges and Opportunities of Workplace Diversity

What are strategies that companies have implemented or should consider implementing to effectively address the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity? Refer to a best practices model of at least one organization in any industry that has successfully implemented an innovative diversity program, which can be modif


Describe at least 3 benefits of a diverse organization. Describe at least 3 challenges of a diverse organization.

Human Resource (HR) Management

What are your thoughts on this scenario: In your role as a new manager, you will be managing a workforce that has become increasingly diverse. Your company is planning a global expansion of your department. How can a leader manage a diverse workforce? - What are the dimensions of diversity? - Describe the different types

Diversity Management Plan

Please help with the following: Analyze and Critique Francoise Roy's Diversity Management Plan for PBQ (Panaccio & Waxin case study) by applying the conceptual framework of Shen, Chanda, D'Netto, and Monga (2009) and other related readings -Identify strengths and weaknesses of Francoise' plan at each level of the framework

Management change over the years

You are a manager in a large, global manufacturing and services organization. You're trying to explain to your grandfather how different your job is from his before he retired 10-years ago. You both know how society has changed, and you want to explain how that has changed management. Using the topics listed below discuss how ma

PR promote workplace diversity

1. Answer each question with a minimum of 250 words 2. Include properly formatted references for each question How can PR help to promote workplace diversity? Does the use of technology as a communication medium dehumanize relationship building? Explain your answer. I could really just use some suggestions on with bo

Preparing for Cultural Diversity

Need help with topics regarding cultural misunderstanding and insensitivity. (1) State at least two popular definitions of cultural understanding. (2) Analyze some of the social and economic problems caused by cultural misunderstanding and insensitivity. Justify your answer using appropriate reasoning and examples. (3) A

Reflective essay - Define the basic elements of ethical theory.

The course objectives were: Define the basic elements of ethical theory. Assess Utilitarian considerations. Identify deontological consideration. Explain the major workplace safety issues. Explain the nature of privacy. Discuss the impact of technology on business privacy. Explain the nature of discrimination. Dis

Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in the workplace.

Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in the workplace. Demographic trends in the United States have led to increased workplace diversity. There are legal/regulatory requirements relative to workforce diversity. In addition, many organizations have developed comprehensive diversity programs to respond to these trend

Diversity and Personal Values

1) Explain how exposure to a diversity of backgrounds and experience in an organization influences the evolution of personal ethics. 2) Give an example of a business situation or circumstance concerning diversity in the workplace that influenced or changed your personal values and/or work performance.

When managing diversity, consultants need to consider the organizational goals for this issue. If you are the consultant, you need to look at the demographics of the employees in order to understand where they have come from and what background they have, and what they value. If you have a workforce that has many women in the organization, you may need to manage diversity from the female value system. "Women in an organization may mean the need for flexibility in working hours and the ability to work from home". (Scase, 2006). It may mean more family originated programs, policies and procedures. Likewise older employees may want to postpone retirement and work longer. This segment of the workforce is also very knowledge and an important component to company success. Programs also may need to be designed to keep the talent and support an older workforce. Incorporating an aging population, a strong female labor pools, and labor shortage will support an organization working towards a strong diverse employee base. "A strong and growing immigrant policy could support cultural sensitive training and language classes for employees". (Scase, 2006). These programs not only support diversity the also can improve the environment for staff at work and in his or her personal life. Diversity is not just an at work issue. When companies employ diverse individuals they bring them into the community too. Training and teaching diversity values will strengthen the workforce and the community. Imagine you are the consultant for this organization. What are your thoughts about diversity issues you find in this organization. Scase. R. (2006) How can I effectively manage generational and cultural diversity", Strategic HR Review, Vol. 5 Iss: 5, pp.7 - 7 Question 2: What examples/experiences can you share that demonstrate cultural synergy in your organization or one you are very familiar with?

Questions 1: When managing diversity, consultants need to consider the organizational goals for this issue. If you are the consultant, you need to look at the demographics of the employees in order to understand where they have come from and what background they have, and what they value. If you have a workforce that has many

Global Diversity and Inclusion at Royal Dutch Shell

Harvard Business Case: 9-610-056 June 21, 2010 Sandra J. Sucher Elena Corsi Global Diversity and Inclusion at Royal Dutch Shell 1. Should he or the others attempt to respond to negative reactions to the composition of the new Executive Committee? What should they say? To whom? When? How? 2. What goals, if any, sho