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    Diversity in Human Resource Management

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    Diversity and Cultural Competency

    Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: 1. Take a position for this statement: Government agencies should purpose to hire people from different ethnic, racial, and gender groups. Provide at least TWO reasons AND examples to support your position. 2. Recommend at least TWO strategies for how the Do

    Diversity Management in the Public Sector

    How does diversity management differ from equal employment opportunities and affirmative action? Which do you think is the most effective in maintaining a diverse workforce? Explain your answer. What possible effects, positive and negative, might your choice have on diversity in your organization? What are the characteristic

    Diversity From An International Perspective

    Can I please get help with this question? Specific diversity issues vary from country to country. Provide some examples of the differences in diversity from an international perspective. Why is diversity a particularly important concern for the United States?

    Diversity in the Workforce of the United States

    Discuss some ways the workforce of the United States is diverse, and within the context of responsible stewardship how the organization can draw upon the skills of an increasingly diverse force.

    Jobs, Diversity, and Leadership

    1. How do you think the growing use of telecommuters, temporary and part-time workers, and virtual teams affect human resource management? How can managers improve recruiting and retention of these employees? 2. Explain how a manager's personal biases and stereotypes may affect an organization's success in creating a workpla

    Business Problems in Diversity

    The impact of a high volume of Baby Boomers that are and will be eligible to retire creates a business problem for many employers. The ability to fill vacated positions will likely be difficult as the volume of job candidates does not meet the demand for proposed openings. This is due to a labor gap between the generations; thos

    Valuing Diversity

    Specify ten actions that an employer can take to show that it values diversity.

    Trends in Diversity of Organizations

    What is the racial, ethnic, gender, and age distribution of people in your work, school, community, and/or entertainment environments? What observations can you make about trends in diversity in your immediate environment? (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

    Importance Of Diversity Training

    Why is diversity training so important in organizations today? Can you mention the advantages of diversity training briefly? (Larger applicant, reduced cost, access to more markets and creative problem solving) And how does your organization go about promoting diversity within the workplace?

    Company-Wide Diversity Programs

    The organization have decided that it would be beneficial for the organization to sponsor some company-wide diversity programs. How is diversity typically defined and what arguments can be made to management for conducting these diversity-initiative programs? Use Diversity Inc. or other sources to gather information to respond t

    Lowes: Ethnic and Religious Diversity

    Many work environments consist of a rich ethnic and religious diversity. Explain the relationship between this diversity and motivational strategy. How can leaders motivate the broadest cross-section of this diversity? Provide examples to support your opinion. Are there situations in which leaders should not encourage ethnic and

    Cross Cultural Motivation

    Present Lowe's home improvement's cultural diversity characteristics, either cross-border or with respect to local level diversity (or both). Explain Lowe's' strategies for motivation with respect to this diversity. Assess the effectiveness of the cross-cultural motivational strategies of Lowe's. Describe how Lowe's is either

    HR Plan Performance and Evaluation

    How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance? Explain. Use the Library or other Web resources to research this question. Provide at least one real-world example to support your answer.

    Cracks in a Thick Glass Ceiling - Women in Employment

    In terms of general concepts... 1. Determine if and how the HRM practices align with a company's business strategy. 2. Discuss how hiring more women and promoting them could improve the competitive advantage of this company 3. Prepare a recruitment and retention plan for this company that specifically targets women empl

    Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce

    Can you assist me in addressing the following question: Managing a culturally diverse workforce is a major challenge facing managers in this decade and beyond. How is the issue being addressed by specific organizations, and what are your recommendations for HR professionals?

    Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

    Is it ethical and moral to hire a less qualified candidate to fulfill a diversity mandate while overlooking a more qualified candidate? Does that make up for past discrimination or does it merely create more discrimination by not hiring the most qualified candidate? Does this apply to layoff situations as well?

    Challenges and Opportunities of Workplace Diversity

    What are strategies that companies have implemented or should consider implementing to effectively address the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity? Refer to a best practices model of at least one organization in any industry that has successfully implemented an innovative diversity program, which can be modif


    Describe at least 3 benefits of a diverse organization. Describe at least 3 challenges of a diverse organization.