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    Generational Differences and the Public Sector Workplace

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    I would appreciate assistance with the following questions. I have also attached information relevant to the questions.

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    1. Analyze the descriptions of generations from traditionalists to generation. Assess your own category and discuss the ways you agree and differ from the description, indicating which generation best describes you. Provide three (3) reasons and examples for your position.

    2. Assume you have performed an analysis of your agency's workforce and have concluded that over 30% of employees will retire within the next 24 months and another 35% in five years. Currently, the workforce of 650 employees has 40% baby boomers and 60% Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers. Your observations indicate that the baby boomers distrust the Generation X-ers and Y-ers, and that they also appear to disrespect the baby boomers. Recommend two (2) strategies you could implement to address and change this situation for the better. Provide a rationale for your views.

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    1. For the first time in American history, we have four generations of individuals working together side by side in today's organizations. Each of these generations is unique and influenced by vastly different factors and their attitudes and expectations at work are reflective of these differences. Therefore, organizations must learn about each generation and what it represents to gain a better perspective for how to manage an effective team-based environment that includes all four generations in equal regards without isolating or frustrating the individuals from one generation or the other. This is not an easy task; however, with knowledge and understanding of each generation, it can be accomplished. The following is the basic descriptions of each generation and some of the common traits associated with the specific generation being studied for comparison against the others.

    Being born a Gen X child, this is also the category I most closely identify with upon review of the generation descriptions. Having grown up with computers and rapid technology advances, the opportunity to pursue broader interests and aspects of life were available to my generation for the first time. In past generations, people were confined predominantly to the areas they grew up in and this was where they stayed. For Gen Xr's, the internet and satellite television connected everyone together globally (PAD530).

    I agree with the description of Gen Xr's as being born and raised in a more diverse world in aspects such as race, class, sexual orientation, etc... As an ...

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    The generational differences and public sector workplace are examined.