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    HR Plan Performance and Evaluation

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    How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance? Explain. Use the Library or other Web resources to research this question. Provide at least one real-world example to support your answer.

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    How can the management of diversity affect a company's performance?

    In today's workplace, companies are faced with continual demographic changes, a globalized landscape, greater emphasis on tolerance and valuing differences, along with many government sponsored programs, all of which demands a keen focus being placed on diversity in the workplace (Moran, 2007). Year after year it is becoming more common for more and more minorities, women, and people from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles to enter the workforce. These changes will force companies to learn to manage through these differences in their workforce and design strategies and plans that enable them to unlock everyone's full range of talent and capabilities (Moran, 2007).

    Some of the keys to successfully managing diverse workforces have been identified through years of study and research conducted by "think tanks" and various other organizations who have spent time and resources on collecting the necessary data needed to determine the issues and barriers employees have to overcome. Some of these issues are; cultural misunderstanding or disrespect, or barriers from the environment such as discrimination or stereotyping. It could also include barriers from individuals, such as poor career ...

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    This solution focuses on diversity management in the workplace and how it impacts performance and offers real world examples and references to help analyze the different methods that can be applied by HR managers in their organizations to be effective.