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    Respecting Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Society

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    Many work environments consist of a rich ethnic and religious diversity. Explain the relationship between this diversity and motivational strategy. How can leaders motivate the broadest cross-section of this diversity? Provide examples to support your opinion. Are there situations in which leaders should not encourage ethnic and religious diversity? Why? How does Lowes' Home Improvement address this topic?

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    The more diverse the workplace, the more motivational strategies must be infused into the organization.

    To motivate culturally and ethnic diverse workforce, Holt (2012) suggested the following:

    a) Hire Diverse And Culturally Aware Employees. Hiring a diverse and culturally aware staff will increase the number of perspectives in the office, open lines of communication with more groups and, in turn, increase productivity.
    b) Plan Office Retreat. An office retreat, whether a day trip to a park or a weekend in the mountains, can be a great time for your employees to get to know each other.
    c) Establish Open Door Policy. Inform your employees that you are available to chat about diversity and workplace issues, productivity concerns and relevant issues. Allowing employees to express their concerns when they need to will result in happier, more productive individuals while giving you an idea of how to improve diversity in your workplace.

    Other motivational strategies as suggested by Hill (2006) are:
    a) Holiday swapping. Another area in which employers could promote diversity towards religion is by offering holiday swapping. With holiday swapping, employees would be able to work on Christmas day, a Christian holiday, in exchange for taking Hanukah, a Jewish holiday, as a holiday.
    b) Religious accommodation.
    Some religious accommodations that should be made would include permitting an employee to take paid or unpaid leave for religious observances and permitting flexible schedules so that employees who observe special religious practices can arrange his or her schedule around ...

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    The solution shows that ethnic and religious diversity are realities in today's society. The ultimate goal is making them merge seamlessly into the mainstream.