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Diversity in Human Resource Management

Social loafing is very common among teams. In most cases your team might endure just one social loafer, however; what do you do if you are stuck with a team full of loafers? The example in this document will illustrate my personal experience with a team of social loafers. When I was working on my undergrad, I dealt with a significant amount of teams. I have been a team leader on most teams. One experience I recall is when I was in a "computer information systems" class. The goal was to develop a strategy that would enhance an automated system during the shipping and receiving departments for FEDEX and Kudler Fine Foods. My team had approximately six weeks to complete the task, unfortunately, the majority of my team members were confused about the project. Based on the knowledge I possessed about the situation, I explained what I felt was the best way to approach the task. We primarily met face-to-face and via the Internet. As time progressed, my team continued to state their level of confusion. We needed to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and an academic paper. Initially, I always begin assignments the minute I receive the syllabus, this includes team work as well as individual assignments. By the third week, my team was unable to fulfill their duties on the tasks so I took the liberty of getting started on the project and emphasized that we only have a few more weeks to get this project done so what should we do now? At this point I did not receive an adequate response on how the team should proceed and time was ticking. This example will demonstrate social loafing from all four team members instead of just one. During week five, I completed the team paper and the PowerPoint all by myself. I expressed to the team my disappointment that I had to complete a task of this magnitude without the assistance of my team, therefore, I thought it would be unfair for the team to accept my completion of the assignment as if they contributed to the creative process that was involved. In essence, I told them that I would have to eliminate their names from my work and that they would have to come up with their own work. In the eleventh hour the team decided to meet on the final week to start their project from scratch. I found that the team I was working with, used their busy life as an excuse to why they didn't complete their assignment by the deadline. Everyone who attends a university has a hectic work schedule, so in my opinion, social loafers place a huge burden on the team and creates a hostile working environment.

Social loafing is very common among teams. In most cases your team might endure just one social loafer, however; what do you do if you are stuck with a team full of loafers? The example in this document will illustrate my personal experience with a team of social loafers. When I was working on my undergrad, I dealt with a sign

Diversity in Team Elements

Diversity in a non-ethic context and the element of conflict is first defined in terms of what diversity means. It is not limited to race or culture. It includes hanicaps and sexual orientations among other differenciators. The applicability of diverse teams is explored.

Team Diversity

You are preparing to write an article for a professional magazine regarding the value of diversity in teams. Diversity can include any of the following: * Gender * Age * National origin * Race * Sexual orientation * Marital status * Parental status * Height * Weight * Professio

Public Relations Campaign: Overview Paper

PR scenario: An organization wants to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace. Virtual Organization: Kudler Fine Foods This organization will be the basis for your PR Campaign. Prepare a detailed outline of your campaign addressing the following: - Identify the selected organization's PR i

Diversity reasons.......

Differentiate between legally mandated and stakeholder driven reasons for implementing and sustaining diversity; include Affirmative Action, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and differentiate with the stake holder's public image, investor confidence, community action, profitability.

Corporate Culture and Leadership in "intel"

Go to the jobs section at and see what Intel has to say about its culture under the links for Careers, Diversity, and the Workplace. Then, discuss the following (one and half page double space) : 1-Is the language on the website recruiting propaganda or does it convey the type of work climate that management is

Dominant Complexities of the Global Environment

Provide a 400-600-word response that assesses the most dominant complexities of the global environment and the control problems that are faced by global firms. (Remember to use outside sources as research support for your answers).


1. How does each of the following labor force trends affect HRM? a. Aging of the labor force b. Diversity of the labor force c. Skill deficiencies of the labor force

How to hire the right person for the job

How to hire the right person for the job. Sounds easy ...wrong! This gives some practical and informative information when YOU are the boss and the one hiring instead the other way around. This also will help you when you interview for future positions because you get an insight of what the HR Manager is thinking and want

Differences between a group and a team; workplace diversity

Write a paper in which you explain the differences between a group and a team. Include in your paper an examination of the importance of workplace diversity at Starbucks, and how it relates to team dynamics in the workplace. Cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. Format your paper using APA

Strategic Plan Importance

Hi! I need help turning the following outline into an APA formatted paper. Here are the guidelines for the assignment: Write a 1,050-1,400 word paper in which the importance of your selected business's vision, mission, and determining the strategic direction. Include the following: 1. Define your business, products or

Is a diverse workforce important when the patient populations is diverse?

Diversity has become an important focus of many healthcare organizations, especially in urban settings. There is awareness of the need to construct diverse patient care efforts for the cultural uniqueness of the patients that are served. Is a diverse workforce needed even if the patient population is diverse? Why or why not?

Diversity and Discrimination in the workplace

(1) Summarize at least 3 separate incidents of discrimination, 1 of which has taken place within the last 2 years. Additionally, of the 3 incidents you summarize, 1 may be something you are aware of from personal experience. (2) Address the questions, Is discrimination and prejudice an issue in the workplace? What steps have

Create a performance and career management program for employees

Career Development Plan Part III - Performance and Career Management For this portion of the assignment, create a performance and career management program for the employees selected for your team. Create an appraisal form that you may use to evaluate the performance of each new employee of your team. Prepare a report o

Describe the culture of Wal-Mart

I need assistance in describing the culture of the Wal-Mart organization and the relationship of that culture to leadership and human resource structures and practices. 1. Please explain to me what is the culture of Wal-Mart 2. Please assist me in analyzing the relationships among its culture, leadership, and human resource

Noncompliance with federal laws, diversity in workplace

Details: You are in a manager's meeting talking about hiring. One of the managers says that he wants to hire an older person because he thinks an older person will do a better job. In addition, he wants someone from an affluent, primarily Caucasian area. You need to explain to him that his request could lead down a trail of

Organizational Behavior - Diversity & Conflict and Fair Employment Laws

Diversity is a challenge in any environment. Describe a diversity related conflict in your work setting. What approach was taken to resolve the conflict? It is crucial for a manager to know and understand the fair employment laws. What can you do to create a supportive environment where these laws are understood by your em

Background & experience on personal ethics; management & ground rule changes

1. How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? Please support your answers with examples, from real life if possible. 2. What effect does managerial decision-making and leadership have on organizational ground rule changes? Please support your answers with exampl

Discuss legal, ethical, and diversity issues affecting recruitment and selection

You are working in the Human Resources Department. You are talking with some friends about your job and what you have learned. Share with them the importance of a good hire. Talk about all that is involved in the recruitment and selection process, including the hard dollars (i.e., dollars spent for ads and agencies) and the soft

Management, Human Resources and Ethics

1. How should companies implement strategies for thinking "outside the box? 2. What are some of the ways to assess the verbal and non-verbal communication in an office setting? 3. How does diversity of background and experience influence the evolution of personal and individual ethics? 4. Give three examples of individu

Diversity Climate: Implementing Cultural Diversity

Diversity climate is defined as "organizational members' attitudes and perceptions toward people from cultural groups other than their own." These attitudes and perceptions are manifested in the practices and behaviors of individuals in the organization. Design a model with methods and procedures for analyzing diversity and how

Legal Issue Analysis

Legal Issues Analysis Please assist with this request. Note the return time line is 2100 hrs on 24/4/09 Prepare a 900-1,050-word written analysis of a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a legal aspect of a specific diversity issue (e.g., harassment, ADA, and so forth). Summarize the diversity issue, analyze th

Value of Diversity in the Workplace: describe an issue and resolution

From personal experience, select an issue in the work environment that may have been more successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workforce. The paper should include the following: a. Include a thorough description of the issue. Be sure to describe the ramifications of the issue on the organization. b. Do not s

Diversity Action Plan

"Opportunities and Challenges That Diversity Will Bring To The Organization (Starbucks)." Diversity Action Plan Starbucks has been selected as the organization, in which I seek assistance to prepare a Diversity Action Plan. As a result, please prepare an outline and a 300-400 word paper on the CULTURE ASPECT of the Diversity A

Organizational behavior

A. Using your personal experiences, prepare a 750-1,050-word paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology: 1) Organizational behavior 2) Organizational culture 3) Diversity 4) Communication 5) Organizational effectiveness and efficiency 6) Organizational learning Provide examples of how these conc

Business and communications

Post a 150-200-word response to the following question. Describe how individual diversity and conflict management relate to team work.