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    Leadership and Cultural Diversity

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    Why is it when many people think of diversity, they think first of ethnicity and race, and then gender? Diversity is much broader. Diversity is otherness, or those human qualities that are different from our own, and outside the groups to which we belong.

    How can leadership promote cultural diversity to create effective change? Discuss the ramifications on the organization for failing to accommodate cultural differences.

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    People think of ethnicity and race before thinking of gender for a number of reasons. They believe that the color of the skin is more important than the actual gender. Skin is an indicator of competence, rather than completeness of the entire individual. The reality is, though, is that people are different in order to promote unity within the company, and this helps to either encourage or make an organization fall in the process. Without diversity, people are more likely to actually think ethnocentric and selfish. This is why it is all the more crucial to educate employees about cultural sensitivity. When diversity is in action, everyone no matter what background ...

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    This solution discussed diversity, and how leadership can create effective change as well as the ramifications on the organization for failing to accomodate cultural differences.