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    Describe diversity policies

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    Identify the diversity policies and philosophy of two different companies. Give examples and cite sources.

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    Below are examples of diversity policy and philosophy from five different companies/organizations. Also included are their web addresses where you can find more information to help you complete this assignment:

    1. Starbucks - "We strive to create a diverse workplace in which every partner's voice is heard and in which all our partners will succeed while learning from one another."


    2. Ford Motor Company - "Our diversity is essential to our mission. We need many unique skills, talents and ways of thinking and looking at the world to ...

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    Diversity policies differ depending on the industry, geographical location and other factors. This 360-word solution includes examples of diversity policies and philosophy from five different companies/organizations along with their web addresses where more detailed information can be found. The solution also includes a paragraph that describes the diversity policy of one of the chosen companies and can be used as an example of how to put this information in the student's own words.