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Least Effective Educational Policy for Promotion

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Can you please help me fully describing three significant principles, policies, and/or guidelines that you feel have been least effective in the educational setting, organizational setting, or society as a whole.
Fully describe the principle, policy, and/or guideline concerning cultural diversity in the educational setting, organizational setting, or society as a whole that you feel has been most effective. Fully describe the educational practice most related to this effective principle, policy, and/or guideline. Incorporate related supporting source and/or author citations or references in your descriptions. Please provide whatever references used. Thank you

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One rather ineffective way to promote cultural diversity would be trying to make contact with families whether through calls or surveys. This is because it is hard to acquire participation and in a timely, efficient manner. Another one would be co-teaching. Problems here include classroom management styles and among others who "owns" which kids. Lastly, we arrive at the general idea of some of the best practices. Many of these don't work ...

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An experienced educator shares beliefs about both ineffectiveness and effectiveness methods in an educational setting. Points proven through list of used web based source articles. Best practices are discussed as is one specific method of using these.