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Retention in Kindergarten - Should we hold them back?

I have to write a paper on grade retention and I need a thesis statement to start my paper off. Below is what I have to do. Also if you have any information on where I could find current articles about grade retention that would be great.

State the focus of the paper in a short thesis paragraph that presents the major topic plus the primary supporting topics. This paragraph should signal the end of the introduction and the beginning of the thesis development section.

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Here are some research sites which have to do with grade retention:




This site you have to sign up for but it is an education online journal. It is free to sign up:


I have attached a document that has two thesis statements. I am not sure of your position or which area of grade retention you will be focusing on so I did one that will put the paper's focus on academic ...

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A list of websites addressing the issues of holding students back (retention) in Kindergarten. Also included are two thesis statements on two different positions (either for or against).