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School Readiness

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What is school readiness? What role to the parents and kindergarten play in this process?

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This solution explains school readiness and the role of parents and kindergarten in this process. Examples of the specific activities that parents and kindergarten teachers engage to prepare children for school are also provided.

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School readiness, a term used frequently in the in pre-school and kindergarten setting, means that a child is ready to enter a social and educationally based environment. In other words, the child is ready to start the process of learning how to do things independently. To do this, a child should have the ability to:

* Work independently.
* Attend or listen to what someone else is saying.
* Get along with other children of the same age.
* Learn and participate in structured situations such as play and story reading.
* Focus or key in and listen to one central person in the classroom.
* Learn (have the necessary social skills/ability) in a co-operative learning environment where children learn from teachers and form one another
* Play with other children (wait their turn in line and so on)

Parents' role in school readiness

Parents are usually a child's first teacher and can act as role model when it comes to ...

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