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Ethical Standards; Communication in diversity

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It has been said that an organization cannot be any more ethical than its least ethical employee. If you agree with this statement, what kinds of responsibilities does a manager have to ensure ethical standards are maintained in his or her workgroup?

What new communications skills do you think managers will need to develop to function effectively in an increasingly diverse workforce?

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Two short discussion on the topics of ethical standards and how managers can help maintain them and the skills needed by managers to communicate in a more diverse workplace.

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Ethical standards can be monitored by making sure regular reports are turned in and the manager must scrutinize the reports for discrepancies or mistakes. Additionally, the manager must meet regular with the group and with each individual to make sure they are staying on the tasks assigned and meeting the goals and deadlines. The manager can offer assistance and encouragement to employees. Also, making sure there are rewards for accomplishments are a good idea. The manager must keep lines of communication open and continue to listen and discuss the job(s) with everyone within the workgroup to maintain control and keep information flowing to and from ...

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