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    How to hire the right person for the job

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    How to hire the right person for the job. Sounds easy ...wrong!

    This gives some practical and informative information when YOU are the boss and the one hiring instead the other way around.

    This also will help you when you interview for future positions because you get an insight of what the HR Manager is thinking and wanting. You get to look through the eyes of the employer!

    You need to consider a diverse company...why?

    Why is being an extrovert or an introvert important to know BEFORE applying for that position?

    Big responsibility hiring an applicant, however what shape is your company in? How do you make your company more appealing to others so they WILL apply for those empty positions.

    This is plain talk through an HR Manager! I live and work in the real world and these are exactly point by point what I look at when hiring individuals. There is also an informative list of things to be very careful of. Remember I have a boss as well that I have to answer to, what are they requiring out of me when hiring the right individual?

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    The HR Manager needs to carefully analyze the job criteria and the person or people involved to see if they make a good match.

    For example: Let's say there is a position open that requires tedious number crunching, the work has to be accurate and dependable.

    Do you ~

    a. Hire Emily who is friendly, outgoing and very enthusiastic about this position. It says on her resume' she enjoys working with people and solving problems. I connected with Emily right away and in fact we're having lunch together tomorrow.

    b. Hire Nathan who is not a very good interviewer and seems out of his element however, he answers directly but offers no other comments to my interview questions. His resume' seems pretty cut and dry and there were no complaints about his past work record. He's very quiet and seems to be an extreme introvert.

    c. Hire Gina who you immediately do not like for some reason. She's very blunt and bold but she doesn't appear to have any malice behind it. Her work record has a huge time gap in it and she doesn't hint at any indications ...

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