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The Challenges of a Diverse Workforce

Describes the challenge of collaboration in a diverse workforce. use a real situation from workplace.

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Today's workforce reflects a combination of a variety of cultures, ages, religions and races. Previously, there was a failure in attempting to assimilate employees with different backgrounds into its culture. Recently, the Human Resource departments are wiser to collaborate with the diversity workforce instead of avoiding and preventing it. It is the new trend and if an organization knows how to do it, that is an asset on their part. Diversity allows for creativity hence, the collaborative approach must be more creative and the organization's resources must be fully maximized for optimum performance level. Managers need to learn how to define, understand and most of all, manage effectively a diverse workforce.
The human resource professionals have to be fully equipped with the information on the diverse employees' differences in backgrounds ...

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The solution describes the challenge of collaboration in a diverse workforce. A reference is also included.