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B2C and B2B Marketing

Security, Privacy, and Other AIS Issues

Security, Privacy, and Other AIS Issues You've been hired by a growing organization to perform systems consulting work. The CEO has concerns about systems security and the impact of privacy considerations on the organization's AIS. She is also interested in learning more about new and emerging AIS technologies that the organiza

Identify differences and similarities of the business models

Assess two different organizations' e-business models. Choose two of the following categories: 1. B2B (e.g., GE, Intel, Nissan, Toyota, etc.) 2. B2C (e.g., Jet Blue, Staples, Circuit City, Apple, Southwest, Eddie Bauer, etc.) 3. C2C (e.g., eBay, Amazon Marketplace, etc.) 4. E-Government (e.g., state government, Air Force, Na

Improving Marketing - Techniques

Select a public accessible eCommerce site, identify the Marketing techniques used to promote product/service, how do they segment their customers, what recommendations would you make to improve their marketing impact?

B2C and B2B Websites: Supply Chain Analysis

Task: Navigate through the Dell Computer website as a consumer making purchases. Make a detailed list of the supply chain involved in the B2C site and describe what was found. Navigate through the Dell Computer website as a buyer. Make a detailed list of the supply chain involved in the B2B site and describe what was found.

Supply Chain

Explain how the supply chain differs for a company with a physical product versus a service. Also explain the how the concepts of disintermediation and reintermediation affect the supply chain.

IT Multiple Choice

1) One common support activity that underlines multiple primary activities is _____ A) record keeping (B) auditing (C)training (D) regulation 2) One trend in purchasing, logistics, and support activities is the shift away from hierarchical structures toward _____ structures. A) vertical (B) horizontal (C) network (D) matri

4P's of Marketing for an electric utilities company

Examine the 4 P's of marketing and discuss how each will be addressed within the business framework. E-businesses can be categorized into generic models (i.e., a method of doing online business enabling the company to generate revenue). Research the following business models and then determine which one is applicable to your

UPS supply chain

Explain how the UPS supply chain was modified and how the supply chain differs from the on ground locations and the online environment.

How marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site

According to and other online and offline sources: B2B (Business to Business) site secifically caters one busines to another business. Usually providing inhouse service or maitanance software/networks for other businesses to utilize in order to increase function, marketing, sales, profits, efficiency and the

Explain how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site

I need to explain how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Specifically, I would like discuss the music industry (i.e. ticket master, etc). Citations/ references must be included, but the majority of work is expected to be original. I appreciate any and all help that you can provide! (I'm looking for about 600

Affiliate Programs/Networks/e-Marketplaces and Exchanges/Auctions

Affiliate Programs and Networks: What metrics are used to track and reward success in an affiliate program/network? What are the limitations of this as a sales and marketing tool? E-Marketplaces and Exchanges: What are e-Marketplaces and B2B Exchanges and how have they evolved and changed over the last 5 years (c

Supply Chain and Marketing

Please explain how supply chain and marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Give specific answers or examples. If incorpoating sites please list them for references. Thank-you.

Discussion questions

In your own words please discuss how E-Marketing is able to build long-term customer relationships due to: 1. Online FAQs 2. Automatic e-mail responders 3. Customized Websites 4. Fax-on-demand 5. Supply chains integrated with the firm's functions

Philip Kotler's four major drivers of economy are discussed and prioritized.

Kotler identifies the four major drivers of the new economy. Explain these drivers. Based on your view of how the new economy has been developed, place these four drivers in order of importance (which have had the greatest impact). Be prepared to explain your ranking. What is the most important impact these drivers of the new

Explain how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site

I am in need of some quality assistance. Please do not tackle this unless you are committed to a thorough and detailed response. I am willing to increase my bid if necessary. Though I think my initial bid is worthy of quality and detailed analysis. I need to explain how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site.


The Segway Human Transporter is an invention of Mr. Dean Kamen of DEKA Research & Development, and was originally positioned as "a personal transportation device to be used on sidewalks." Industrial and consumer models have been developed. According to the case, at least $100 million has been invested in the development and mark

4 Questions - Marketing Management

Marketing questions: 1. Throughout the decade of the 1990s, it could be effectively argued that the personal computing (PC) industry initially pursued a product philosophy, followed by a sales philosophy, followed by a marketing philosophy, followed by a relationship marketing philosophy. Please explain. 2. Do all B

Components of Financial Systems, Focusing on Valuation/Financial Intermediation

Scenario: You are a financial analyst in the finance division of Strident Marks, a manufacturing company that has recently gone through the initial public offering (IPO) process and has become a public company. Strident Marks has annual sales revenue of approximately $50 million and makes seven unique and distinct products (wh

B2B Business model

What competitive pressures will the increased growth of the B2B business model bring to bear in the marketplace?